Is EarlyParrot for me?

Who uses EarlyParrot? The following are just some examples of which kind of businesses or users who can greatly benefit from using EarlyParrot as their referral marketing platform.

E-commerce Stores

Invite shopper who has just purchased or visited your store to spread the word about your store and in return, they will get rewarded. Rewards can vary from free shipping, bundling discounts or straight $ discounts. EarlyParrot automatically send out coupons


SaaS companies can hugely benefit from EarlyParrot. Prior to doing a full launched the Fast Lane campaign can be used to build an email list. After launching, SaaS can organically continue doing referral marketing using the Reward Unlocking campaign type.

List Builders

EarlyParrot integrates with MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit autoresponders EarlyParrot can periodically pull new subscribers from autoresponders. There is no need to change the way how subscribers are captured since EarlyParrot will integrate directly with your autoresponder, detecting whether a subscriber has been referred or not.

EarlyParrot also integrates with Infusionsoft CMS. EarlyParrot will add tags and populate custom fields in Infusionsoft to trigger automation in your Infusionsoft.


Bundle previous book titles and put them at a discounted price in exchange for word of mouth. The more your readers refer their friends the more rewards they will get. Readers will normally fancy something special, like a signed copy or a personalised note from the author. Reward Unlocking can help to power up a referral campaign for authors.

Non-technical founders

Being a non-technical founder you can use EarlyParrot to gauge interest for upcoming projects by using the Fast Lane campaign. Also if you already have a live project / startup you can opt to add to your growth by using the Top Influencer or the Reward Unlocking campaign.

Growth Hacking Agencies

EarlyParrot will help with various needs your clients might have. EarlyParrot will assist you by semi-automating tasks like: testing new markets using the Fast Lane campaign, driving growth using the Reward Unlocking or doing brand awareness using the Top Influencer campaign.

Growth hackers

EarlyParrot can help you, whether you work for a company or if you do growth hacking on a consultancy basis. Since referral marketing can be used at different stages of a project, EarlyParrot will assist you from start to end of your endeavors.

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