EarlyParrot Solutions. Is EarlyParrot for me?

EarlyParrot provides various solutions for different kinds of businesses cases.

The main goal behind any referral program solution provided by EarlyParrot is to generate more leads to the top of the funnel and improve the conversion rate of referred leads into customers.

The following are just some examples of how clients are using EarlyParrot to grow their business.

Growing an Email List

Growing your list and keeping subscribers engaged is neither easy nor inexpensive. It requires constant investment in PPC, content marketing or SEO. But how about leveraging your existing email subscribers to help you grow? How about asking your avid email subscribers to refer others in exchange for a reward?

EarlyParrot for List Building solution automates the referral process from A to Z providing you with several benefits that you can read more about here.

EarlyParrot can be used with all email-sender providers. We also have native integrations with ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit allowing for more advanced features such as tagging and custom field population.

Get more buyers. Growing E-commerce Stores

Get past and future buyers to:

  • get others to join the party and buy off your store
  • encourage repeat purchases with discounts on future purchases

Create double-sided campaigns, that will reward referrers with discounts on future purchases and first-time purchase discounts for referrals.

Rewards can vary from free shipping, bundling discounts or straight $ discounts. EarlyParrot handles coupon codes, tracks orders and their value by integrating with Shopify and WooCommerce

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Software As A Service (SaaS)

Several SaaS companies have successfully leveraged their existing user base to help them grow further. By providing a refer-a-friend system that is built right into the SaaS itself, SaaS can get new sign-ups and clients in exchange for a reward. Check out how Dropbox grew through referrals.

Typical SaaS referral programs are double-sided, sales referral programs that will only reward referrers if they refer users who become paid users. EarlyParrot can be configured to notify custom SaaS platforms, via webhooks, of any events happening in your referral program.

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Course Creators

Course creators flourish when it comes to creating content with the purpose of teaching or growing an audience. However, most struggle when it comes to acquiring new students. Referral marketing or word of mouth offers an easy, affordable and scalable way how to constantly acquire new students.

EarlyParrot offers a holistic solution for course creators to both marketing and/or sales referral programs to entice their students to refer others in exchange for a reward. EarlyParrot has built-in native integration with Thinkific. It can also be integrated with LMS and other generic platforms such as Teachable, Kajabi, and Kartra. Through its extended API and with a little bit of tweaking EarlyParrot can integrate with most platforms.

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Virtual Events, Webinars, Workshops

How about you entice attendees for your virtual events, webinars, workshops to refer others in exchange for a reward?

Having a referral program with your online event offers will lower your cost of acquisition, reduce the dependency on PPC, amplify your marketing and enable you to reach out to a whole new audience with the help of word of mouth marketing.

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We integrate with HeySummit online event platform and other generic platforms such as Kajabi, Kartra, ClickFunnels and WordPress.


Coaches and consultants are always looking to acquire new leads at the top of their funnel. As a coach you must have various lead magnets, offering free resources in exchange for email contact. Referral marketing is the right fit for coaches who are looking to expand and grow by leveraging their existing audience.

Read more about how EarlyParrot can help you grow your list through EarlyParrot for List Building solution,

Authors & Publishers

Bundle previous book titles at a discounted price in exchange for word of mouth. The more your readers refer their friends the more rewards they will get. Readers will normally fancy something special, like a signed copy or a personalised note from the author. Reward Unlocking can help to power up a referral campaign for authors and publishers.

Growth Agencies

Leverage EarlyParrot’s experience in the referral space. We can coach you and your clients on how to create the best performing referral campaign for specific business cases. We can also offer resellers rights to agencies who will use EarlyParrot for their clients.

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