EarlyParrot for SaaS

EarlyParrot can help you both prior and post launching your SaaS.

Before Launching your SAAS

Don't just collect leads. Engage with your early adopters.

How EarlyParrot will help you?

  • Capture early adopters' interest
  • EarlyParrot automatically pulls new subscribers and invites them to your referral marketing campaign
  • Your referrers will share your project with their friends, on Social Media, Messaging Applications and/or Email.


Extend your reach

Instead of letting newly acquired leads sit there waiting for launch date, give them an incentive to talk about your project.

Lower your CTA

The more referred leads you get, the lower your CTA will get.

Early engagement

Engage early with your early adopters by rewarding them for spreading the word.

Gauge interest

Get a clear idea of how fond of your project early adopters are.

Power users

Identify early who are your influencers and treat them accordingly.

Easy Integration

Focus on your project. EarlyParrot can be integrated with your landing page in minutes.

Post Launching your SAAS

Turn existing users into active referrals

How will EarlyParrot help you?

  • Choose the best time when to invite your users to share your SaaS
  • Have EarlyParrot as part of your SaaS. Brand all screens and emails. Don't need to build your own referral system.
  • Make your users compete to get access to premium features and discounts.


Existing users

EarlyParrot makes it easy to ask existing users to refer their friends.

Brand everything

Brand EarlyParrot with your theme. Ship it as part of your SaaS with your users not knowing your are using a 3rd party service for your referral marketing.

Pay ONLY for new referrals

You are only charged for NEW referrals are generated via your referral marketing campaign. We don't charge per participant or subscriber.