Turn your

clients, Shopify buyers, Magento buyers, WooCommerce buyers, Wordpress commenters, MailChimp subscribers, Aweber subscribers, ConvertKit subscribers, Slack members, TypeForm respondents,

into active referrals in 5 steps.

Go Live in 5 Steps

Step 1: Your Project

Which best describes your project and what do you want to achieve by using EarlyParrot?

Slack: Having a community and want more members?
Autoresponder: Growing your lists?
WordPress: More visitors to your blog?
Downloadable: Increase downloads of your software / plugin / e-book?
Typeform: More respondents to your survey?
Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce: More shoppers on your store?
Stripe, BrainTree: Increase sales of your digital product and/or servicve?

Step 2: How does your user flow look?

Choose the user flow that best matches your project

To integrate EarlyParrot you do not need to change your user flow

EarlyParrot has various ways how to track your users at different stages in your user flow

Step 3: Integrations

Depending on the project type that you wish to promote and the user flow you have, EarlyParrot will provide you with various integration options.

Step 4: Rewards & Reward System

What rewards will you give out and how do you want to rank referrers? Choose the very best rewards to give out and the right competition that best fits your needs.

Reward Unlocking: Rewards will be given to referrers on reaching a certain amount of points.
Top Influencer: Rewards only top referrers when contest is up.
Fast Lane: The more points a referrer gets, the better their position will get in a queue.

Step 5: Branding

Your referrers and referrals don't need to know you are powered by EarlyParrot!

Brand all emails and screens with your theme.

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