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Email List Referral Marketing Benefits

Amplify your marketing

Add a multiplier effect to your marketing. Every email subscriber you get will add momentum to your growth. Don't let email subscribers sit there. Enable them to spread the word about your business.

Referrals Convert better

Referrals on average convert 2x - 2.5x better, spend more in their customer lifetime and tend to refer others. Such facts classify referral marketing as the best acquisition channel.

Extend your reach

Let existing email subscribers do the outreach for you. Reward them for spreading the word on Social Media, Messaging Apps or via Email invites. Go undetected by software such AdBlocker+.

Create a sense of community

By providing a way for your email list to promote your content, you will create a sense of belonging. This is a really positive way how to build trust and rapport within your email subscribers.


A referral program will identify who your top referrers are. Reward them as a first step and get to know them closely. They are potential future partners for promotions and launches.


Referrals leads will not eat way your ad spend nor will cost you anything in commissions to affiliates. Your email list will grow expoentially at fixed costs, hence lower your Cost of acquisition.

What our clients have to say...

homeschool summit testimonial

"An extra 2,000 opt-ins through our opt-in form and I’m estimating an extra $5,000 to $10,000 in sales"


Vasil Azarov testimonial

“We used a software called EarlyParrot… we got 1,000 referred attendees out of 7,500!”


Liam Austin testimonial

“With our email list, we’ve seen between 13-20% of signups come from EarlyParrot referrals.”


minoritymindset testimonial

“Get more readers into our free newsletter at a cost effective and time effective price”


PIXELHOPP testimonial

“Spoiler alert, it has been pretty awesome. We have raised about 2,600 subscribers, that’s 2,600 people that are already waiting for a website”

Fabio Cordeiro, PIXELHOPP

Adding a referral program to your email list

Email List Referral Program Tracking Scripts

Step 1: Referral Program Integration

A referral program is another building block to website or funnel. EarlyParrot WILL work with your Landing Page Builder, Content Management System (CMS) and software stack such as email sender provider (ESP), course platform and events platform.

Simply add a piece of code, verify your integration and off you go.

Email List Referral Program Reward Ladder

Step 2: Referral Program Reward Ladder

Decide when what and who shall be rewarded. Create multiple reward milestones for your referrers to reach and let EarlyParrot take care of automating the reward sending process at no extra work or cost to you.

A typical email list referral campaign will look something like this. A FREE E-book on referring 3 leads, access to an exclusive masterclass on referring 7 leads. All referred leads will get a FREE mini-course as a welcome bonus.

Step 3: Referral Program Promotion

Get the word out, about your referral program. Ask your existing email subscribers to share and refer others. Provide them with an easy to use sharing widget that allows them to spread the word through email invites, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), chat apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS) and through their unique referral URL.

Email List Referral Program Promotion
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Why EarlyParrot?

Referral Program Setup

Easy to setup & install [BASIC]

EarlyParrot can be easily installed by placing JavaScript tags on selected pages. We will guide you every step of your installation.

Referral Program Flow

Integrated within your existing flows [BASIC]

No changes are required in the way customers buy and/or subscribers sign-up. EarlyParrot can be wrapped around your existing flows, triggering only when and if required.

Referral Program Customizable

Highly Customizable campaign [BASIC]

Gamify your campaign. Choose how, when and on which criteria you will reward your referrers. Decide if you want your referrers to compete against each other for a winning spot or whether they will have milestones that they need to reach.

Referral Program Custom Theming

Custom Theming [BASIC]

Make client-facing pages and emails match your brands’s look and feel. Your leads and/or customers will never have to know that you are being powered by EarlyParrot.

Referral Program API


EarlyParrot is equipped with an extensive API that allows you to plug your campaign in any situation and with any platform of your choice.

Referral Program Rewards


Decide which rewards to give out. It can be a coupon code, a secret link, a downloadable or an account upgrade. EarlyParrot will automatically reward winners and notify your systems accordingly.

Referral Program Translations

Translations [BASIC]

Have your campaign in any of the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Italian.

Referral Program Fraud

Fraud Detection [ALL FEATURES]

Block suspicious traffic from Tor network, block disposable emails, confirm all social media shares via IP tracking.

Referral Program CSV Import

CSV Import & Export [BASIC]

Import all your existing customers via CSV. Mass invite them to kick-start your campaign. You can also export all your subscribers & referrals via CSV.

Referral Program Email Sending

Email Sending & Drip Email Campaigns [ALL FEATURES]

EarlyParrot will send custom invite emails, rewards notification emails & drip email campaign to remind your referrers to share at no extra cost to you.

Referral Program Share Links

Branded Share Links [BASIC]

Links that referrers will share will be branded with your domain. Apart from offering a seamless referral experience to your customers, your domain will also benefit from inbound links. This will help your SEO efforts.

Referral Program Tracking

In-depth Tracking & Analytics [BASIC]

EarlyParrot tracks visitors, subscribers, customers, referrals and referrers. It also tracks the number of invites sent out, shares on social media, conversions and any other useful metric to make your campaign a success.

Referral Program Branding

No EarlyParrot Branding* [ALL FEATURES]

EarlyParrot will power your referral campaign but will boast no branding on any of the provided pages and emails sent out on your behalf.

*EarlyParrot affiliate is by default switched on for every campaign. You can turn it off ONLY if you go annual.

Referral Program Visual Editor

Visual Editor [BASIC]

Monitor, edit, tweak and improve your campaign any time using the easy to use visual editor.

Referral Program Security

Data Security & GDPR [BASIC]

EarlyParrot is built from the ground up with security in mind. Our infrastructure ensures your data is handled with care. We are GDPR compliant.

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