EarlyParrot for List Building

EarlyParrot helps you to acquire new subscribers to your list. EarlyParrot integrates directly with your autoresponder and CRM of your choice.

Amplifies your marketing efforts

As visitors turn into subscribers, they are automatically invited to your referral campaign. Referrers will get a reward only if they refer new subscribers.
  • Drive more conversions via word of mouth.
  • Engage with your subscribers, they are your best brand ambassadors.
  • Can reward both referrer and referral
  • Referrers can spread the word about your newsletter, on Social Media, Messaging apps and/or Email.


Extend your reach

Let existing subscribers do the outreach for you. Reward them for spreading the word about your newsletter on Social Media and Messaging Apps or when converting a visitor into a subscriber.

Lower your CTA

Gaining new subscribers to your list can be costly. Lower your advertising cost by getting referrals from existing subscribers.

Engage at the right time

Engage with your subscribers at the time when they are most convinced about your brand - as soon as they signed up.

Create a sense of community

Rewarding your subscribers will further increase their loyalty towards your brand.

Top subscribers

Identify who your top subscribers are and reward them accordingly.

Seamless Integration

No need to change your current user flow. EarlyParrot can pull subscribers from your autoresponder (MailChimp, Awber, ConvertKit). It can also populate content in your CMS (InfusionSoft).

How to get started

EarlyParrot can be integrated in under 15 minutes.
No, you do not need to be technical and do not require any time from your IT guys.

Step 1: Pasting Code

For EarlyParrot to track visitors, referrals and referrers, tracking must be placed on both the Landing Page and the Share Page. Tracking code can be either pasted manually or else integrated via Google Tag Manager.

Verify EarlyParrot Landing page installation by clicking on Verify Installation button.

Step 2: Integrate your Autoresponder or CMS

Let EarlyParrot pull new subscribers from your autoresponder and determine whether the new subscribers are referred or not. If they are referred, the referrer is determined and rewarded accordingly.

In case of a CMS like Infusionsoft, EarlyParrot will populate custom fields and add tags to contacts to trigger automation.

Step 3: Create Rewards

Decide how and when to reward your referrers. Pre-generated coupons can be automatically sent out to referrers and referrals as per campaign settings.

Optionally generate coupons to be automatically sent out to referrers and referrals.

Step 4: Brand Pages and Emails

All pages and all emails sent by EarlyParrot on your behalf can be customised and branded to match your style.

Step 5: Import & Invite subscribers

Engage with existing subscribers. Easily import, all your subscribers and invite them to your referral campaign. This will help kick-start your campaign and get referrals faster.

Step 6: Get Reviewed & Go Live

At EarlyParrot we have your back. We are here to help you succeed with referral marketing. We review all campaigns to make sure you are good to go.


EarlyParrot enables you to directly communicate with all your subscribers by sending them broadcast messages. Keeping a good relationship with your subscribers ensures success in referral marketing.