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EarlyParrot Case Studies

1. Liam Austin, Co-Founder Entrepreneurs HQ

“What we really love about EarlyParrot is the ability to send email invites. That has helped us to get more referrals for our lists”

EntrepreneursHQ In-depth Case Study

2. Jaspreet Singh, Minority Mindset

‘Get more readers into our free newsletter at a cost-effective and time effective price’

“We were doing a lot of organic marketing, which was working well, but we wanted to amplify the marketing that we were doing. And essentially, we wanted a way to incentivize our readers to share our newsletter with their friends and coworkers.”

3. David Cover, HomeSchool Summit

‘An extra 2,000 opt ins through our opt in form and I’m estimating an extra $5,000 to $10,000 in sales’

“When you can add a system like EarlyParrot, that allows you to give people bigger and bigger rewards depending on how many of their friends click their link, or opt in to your form through their link. Yeah, now we’re talking. And that’s why we saw some really, really good results from EarlyParrot”

4. Fabio Cordeiro, PixelHopp

‘Spoiler alert, it has been pretty awesome. We have raised about 2,600 subscribers, that’s 2,600 people that are already waiting for a website.’

“And I cannot express this enough right for every person that is inviting a new friend. You are saving money. We have people here they’re invited hundreds of friends designed like qualified leads. These are top notch system that is really helping us. So thank you very much. Thank you, Gaetano and all the EarlyParrot crew for helping us and for our awesome platform.”

5. Vasil Azzrov CEO Growth Marketing Conference

“We used a software called EarlyParrot… we got 1,000 referred attendees out of 7,500!”

This is Nathan Latka interview Vasil Azzrov CEO Growth Marketing Conference about how they registered 7,500 For Virtual Event in LockdownLinked to the part where Vasil breaks down how he got 7,500 registered attendees.

6. Mitch Asser Co-Founder Pet Summits / Founder Masser Media

“used for many years, 10 summits+ and we have seen an uptick in leads

Mitch Asser co-founder at Pet Summits and founder at Masser Media, one of the world’s leading online virtual summit marketing agency recommends EarlyParrot in this testimonial.

7. Amanda Schaefer Fearless Fastpitch

“by using word of mouth with the existing customers… we get much high converting leads”

In just a few months of using EarlyParrot and through our coaching & support, Amanda already managed to amass results through word of mouth marketing. Amanda, uses EarlyParrot to promote her live events and challenge funnels to ensure predictable results through high converting, inexpensive referred leads.