EarlyParrot for E-Commerce

EarlyParrot can help you get new customers and increase repeat customers.

Perfect Loop

Customers get rewarded if they bring new customers to your store.

How EarlyParrot will help you?

  • Engage with your customers, when they are most convinced about your brand. EarlyParrot works well with Shopify, WooCommerce & Magento.
  • Reward both referrer and referral
  • Your referrers will spread the word about your store with their friends, on Social Media, Messaging Applications and/or Email.


Extend your reach

Let happy customers do the out reach for you. Reward them for sharing your store on Social Media and Messaging Apps or when converting a referral into a customer.

Lower your CTA

The more referred leads you get, the lower your CTA will get.

Engage at the right time

Engage with your customers at the most time when they are most convinced about your brand - when they have just did a purchase.

Increase customer loyalty

Rewarding your customers will increase loyalty further increasing repeat customers

Power Customers

Identify who are your top customers and reward them accordingly.

Seamless Integration

No need to change your current user flow. Copy and paste code in thank you page or add a simple webhook.