How to set up double-sided rewards

A double-sided reward campaign rewards both referrer (the subscriber doing the recommendation) and the referral (the new subscriber who joins based on a recommendation).

Giving a welcome reward would turn your campaign into a double-sided campaign. Please check this FAQ on how to enable double-sided rewards for your campaign

Setting up rewards is very easy. Rewards can be distributed in various ways such as sending a reward coupon via email, through an activation call via a webhook or else access via the API.

Referral Rewards – Prior OR Post Conversion

All referrer rewards are given post-conversion. Reason being that a referrer will be rewarded if the referral converts. But in a double-sided campaign, referral rewards can be given out either prior to converting (as a welcome bonus) or else post-converting (an extra for converting based on a recommendation).

When do you use Prior Conversion

The most common double sided campaign gives out a welcome bonus to referrals to make it even tempting for them to convert. Eg. in e-commerce stores a referrer is given an opportunity to share a free $10 off first purchase with their friends.

When do you use Post Conversion

There are some cases where a welcome bonus is not feasible and the referral has to show some kind of commitment to get the double sided bonus. Eg. pay for the first month and get your second month of a subscription for FREE.