EarlyParrot automatic reward distribution

EarlyParrot assigns and distributes rewards as follows:

By sending a notification email to the referrer

In the branding step of your campaign you can set up an email notification that is sent when a reward is given out to a referrer.

By sending an email containing a coupon code to the referrer

The email can be a simple reward notification or it can include a coupon code that you have set up when setting up your reward. EarlyParrot will always grab a fresh coupon code which has not been used and send it out to the referrer.

By calling a custom webhook associated with the reward with the referrer’s contact

Just like you can set a list of coupon code for EarlyParrot to send out, you can also set a custom webhook URL that EarlyParrot will call when the specific reward is about to be sent out.

EarlyParrot will send the following JSON code to the provided webhook. Using webhooks, your system can update the referrer’s account, upgrading to a new plan, add a benefit or simply react to reward attribution event on EarlyParrot.

  "pointType": "referrals",
  "point": 3,
  "rewardImage": "https://mydomain.com/rewardImage.jpg",
  "rewardName": "Free E-Book",
  "rewardDescription": "",
  "rewardId": "5b8fdb3c6d8c774e5eab7183",
  "campaignId": "5b8fdb3c6d8caa4e5e437177",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "webHookType": "NewReward"

You can also combine this feature with our Zapier integration. This way you can notify and integrate with thousands of apps through webhooks and Zapier.

By adding a tag to a referrer’s contact

If you are using Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign you can make EarlyParrot add a tag with the reward name to the referrer. By doing so, you can activate an email sequence informing the referrer accordingly about the new reward.

By populating and showing the coupon code prior to converting for referrals

All of the above rewards showed how EarlyParrot will distribute and give out rewards to referrers. But in case of double sided rewards, referrals can be assigned a reward prior to converting. This means that EarlyParrot will know nothing about the referral except their IP address. This means, that EarlyParrot cannot send an email with a coupon code, cannot send a webhook with referral information. But it can assign a unique coupon code to a particular IP address and show it on the referral campaign landing page.

The following is a sample HTML code that will show a coupon code ONLY for a referred visitor on the referral campaign landing page.

<div width="" style="margin-left:30%;width:40%;border:dashed 1px black;display:none" id=”epCouponCodeBlock”>
<h4 style="text-align:center;">Use coupon:</h4>
<div id="epCouponCode" style="text-align:center;font-size: 38px;font-weight:bold;"></div>
<p style="text-align:center;">to get $10 off your first purchase.</p>

EarlyParrot landing page script will populate the div with id epCouponCode if the visitor has been referred.