What is a double sided reward campaign?

A double-sided reward campaign is when both referrer and referral are rewarded. We strongly recommend double-sided campaigns as in our experience they tend to go further than single sided campaigns.

Since the referral (the new subscriber about to join a campaign) is also given a reward by simply joining the campaign, it highly likely that referrers experience a very good conversion on their recommendations.

How to create a double-sided reward in EarlyParrot?

In the rewards step in the campaign creation/campaign edit wizard, add a new reward making sure that the metric is Welcome Reward. This means that any subscriber joining the campaign, who has been referred will automatically be entitled to get this reward.

Welcome rewards can either be given out prior to subscribing to the campaign or else post subscribing to the campaign. The following are two examples of when best to use prior to subscribing or post to subscribing:

Prior to subscribing: Given a 10% coupon to be used on first purchase. It makes sense to give the coupon prior to doing the first purchase not after.

Post to subscribing: Given a $10 coupon to be used. To combat fraud and sharing of coupon without subscribing to the campaign, this coupon is best sent out post subscribing to the campaign.