How to create a Reward Unlocking Campaign?

What is a Reward Unlocking Campaign and how does it work?

In a Reward Unlocking Campaign,referrers do no compete against each other. All subscribers have milestones to reach and if they do reach a milestone, they will get the reward associated with that milestone. EarlyParrot monitors & tracks all subscribers and their referrals and on reaching a milestone a referrer will be automatically sent out the associated reward. This is done after all Fraud Checks have passed.

How to create a Reward Unlocking Campaign – Step by step

Creating any kind of campaign is no different. In the Reward System step choose Reward Unlocking.

Choosing a Reward Unlocking system will lead you to the following Rewards screen, where you can enter the list of rewards along with a target milestone associated with each reward.

For further details check out the following KB articles: setting up rewards, stacking multiple rewards, giving a welcome reward and how to set up double-sided rewards.

Some rewards ideas for this kind of campaign are early access to a product or service, free content such as an e-book or presentation and/or free merchandise.