What rewards should you give out?

When designing your referral marketing campaign you have to think of what to give as a reward to your hard working referrers. When choosing rewards you have to keep in mind cost VS. how useful the reward to your referrers is. The following are some ideas which you use when coming up with your rewards:

  • Early access: Early access is one of the most common rewards that is given out. Exclusivity is highly appreciated by referrers who will generally work hard to get early access to a service that can help them.
  • VIP treatment: Give a VIP status to show your appreciation towards your referrers. A VIP status can bear several benefits such as priority support, access to new features before other users and prominent promotion on your website.
  • Free Content: Give out free content such as: E-Book containing valuable content, Webinars and/or Infographics to teach best practices in the industry.
  • Meet the Founders: Get on a call and show your appreciation towards your referrers. This way referrers will get to know you in person, further fuelling their interest in your campaign.
  • Free Merchandise: Brand some merchandise related to your project, if possible. This will help your referrers to further spread the word about your project, whilst showing off their freebies!
  • Free Upgrade:┬áPay for a plan, get the benefits of a more advanced plan. Referrers will walk the extra mile and refer your service, in exchange for a free upgrade.