EarlyParrot Fraud Checks

A good referral marketing campaign has to be fair. If one can cheat the system and get an unfair advantage by tricking the system, your integrity will be tarnished and your campaign will be abandoned by true referrers. When using EarlyParrot as your referral marketing platform, you will benefit from several security checks making sure that no one can cheat. The following are some of the EarlyParrot fraud checks built as part of the EarlyParrot platform.

Quick note: for testing purposes, you can switch off some of the EarlyParrot fraud checks by enabling the sandbox mode.

Referrals sharing the same IP as the referrer

EarlyParrot monitors IP addresses of both the referrer and the referral.  If there is a match, then the referral is not counted. We do this to block those who try to refer themselves using different email addresses they own.

Disposable Emails Fraud Check

All disposable emails are automatically blocked by our system and no subscriber can sign up with a disposable email. This will protect you from anyone trying to fake activity by creating several disposable emails to get fake points.

Gmail Trick Check

As you are well aware Gmail offers a very handy functionality that can be easily misused. Having a Gmail email account [email protected] (works only on Gmail) you can generate an infinite number of emails by either introducing a period (.) at different point of your email as follows:

or else by adding an addition sign (+) at the very end and some text as follows:

so on and so forth. With EarlyParrot, all these combinations will be counted as one email address that is [email protected]

EarlyParrot Fraud Check for Tor Network Traffic

All visitors having an IP address that is coming from Tor Network could not participate in any campaigns hosted on our platform. We have partners who help us to block all traffic coming from Tor Network for security purposes.

EarlyParrot Fraud Check for Social Media Sharing

All social media shares for security reasons are confirmed using an algorithm that proves to detect fake shares done by certain referrers just to get rewards. All social media shares must be visited at least once by an IP address other than the referrer’s.