WebHooks Integration Setup

WebHooks are an efficient and easy way how two systems can easily communicate with each other. EarlyParrot uses WebHooks to push notifications to any system via WebHooks. To set up a WebHook integration please follow these instructions.

Step 1: Enable WebHooks

Go to the Integrations tab in the particular campaign you would like to enable WebHooks for. Select WebHooks and click on WebHooks integration switch,

Step 2: Switch on which event you would like to subscribe to.

EarlyParrot offers three kinds of event notifications:

  • On adding a new subscriber
  • On getting a new referred subscriber
  • On awarding a new reward

Both events, when switched on, will require a URL where to post the JSON object

Step 3: Test out WebHooks

For testing purposes use https://webhook.site to generate a URL where you can post a test WebHook. After setting up the New Subscriber webhook and/or New Referral webhook, go ahead and invite a new subscriber to see the JSON payload getting posted to the test URL.