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How To Increase Blog Traffic

A well-written article with an interesting topic will get more views than one that is not. Writing about how to increase blog traffic won’t quite make the difference, but writing about what makes your website or product unique will!

Your content should be written with you in mind. What do you want to achieve? What are you looking for? If you don’t know, then why would anyone else know?

If you have trouble figuring out what to write, start with “I wish I could…” or “What I need help with is _________________.”

You can also use your own experiences to produce quality content. Reading through past articles on our site or others like it can give you lots of ideas as well.

This page is full of tips for beginner bloggers so we thought we would try to include some tricks of the trade for advanced users as well.

Make your website easy to navigate

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Many people start blogging with great intentions, but then give up because they do not have many followers or their posts go unnoticed. The main reason for this is that their content does not appeal to their audience nor are there simple ways to find what you want to write about.

If you notice that your readers are leaving you, it may be time to look into how you can increase traffic to your site. You could start by changing the way you organize your online business, or you could choose from one of several services that will help you promote your blog.

Use informative and helpful content

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Writing good content that your readers will enjoy is the first way to increase traffic. The better you are at it, the more people will come back for more of what you have already written!

Writing good content means writing about things that interest or appeal to your audience. It’s not about writing about how great you are, it should be about offering value to your readers.

Your readers will keep coming back if they feel like they got their money’s worth. You want them to leave feeling enlightened or informed, either of which are excellent ways to make them click “Recommend” under the same article banner.

The second way to increase blog traffic is by creating engaging content. Make sure your posts use pictures and videos and focus on topics that are interesting to your readers.

This will help get attention and feedback so that you can improve your writing or design sense.

Link to your website from social media to increase blog traffic

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your site is by linking to it from another source.

Running a blog is kind of like having a house with no door. You have a domain name, you have software to create content, but nobody comes to see your beautiful home!

It’s very difficult to gain exposure for yourself without going through some sort of link-to-web process.

Luckily, there are lots of free resources online that can help you do just that!

By actively promoting your site via various platforms, people will know about it and come visit!

Here are some easy ways to do this.

Start a blog based on your audience

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Starting a new website is expensive! If you have a niche that can be updated monthly, or even weekly, then start your own blog in this area and update it as needed.

If you’re not sure what genre of site people will find interesting, experiment with it. You could do lifestyle blogs, diet tips, fashion notes, etc.

Running a successful blog doesn’t require too much investment other than domain name and hosting costs. Most sites offer these services for free if you host their community space (like WordPress) or pay per month for an account (like Tumblr).

By starting in a familiar environment, your readers will feel more comfortable donating content and leaving comments. This creates engagement which helps promote your blog.

Encourage commenting on your blog to increase blog traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your site is by encouraging comments. This can be done through various means, but one of the best is to create a forum or an area on your website where you ask questions or invite conversations.

You could use this as a way to promote your company’s products or services or to get feedback for new strategies or tools you have implemented into your business.

By creating a space just for talking, you increase the chance of people sharing their experiences, information, and thoughts about your product or service.

This will also allow them to connect with other individuals in the community who are interested in the same thing they are!

Running a blog-based website? Then using WordPress as your platform allows you to add interactive features such as comment boxes and threads. You can read more about how to boost your blog’s exposure here.

Ask your friends to tell their friends about you

How To Increase Blog Traffic

A few years ago, I read an article that changed my approach to blogging forever. The author called it “The 5 Tips Method” and it was super simple. He asked his readers to ask their friends to tell their friends about him- so he gave up and did it for himself!

He started sharing his content more frequently and linking to important resources to help others learn more about what he had to offer. His business slowly grew as people shared his info with those they knew.

This is one of the most powerful ways to gain traffic via social media. By asking your friends to spread the word for you, they will!

By adding additional content that your followers are interested in, they will share your site with theirs – creating a snowball effect that grows your online presence.

It’s also a nice way to bring back the friendship circle. When someone tells their friend about you, hopefully, they comment or give you credit for inspiring them to check out your site.

There are several easy ways to ask your friends to promote you. You can do this through apps, direct messages, or even phone calls.

Use the “subscribe to our blog” button to increase blog traffic

Another way to increase your traffic is by offering free content or sponsored posts on your site. Your website can gain new followers if you offer educational resources, tips, tools, or products that people may find helpful.

You could write a quick review of the product, promote it on social media, or launch a giveaway event. Or you could choose to partner with an online seller and feature their products on your site as a featured item.

By doing this, you will attract more attention for your site and help grow your audience.

Gain a reputation as a trusted source

As mentioned before, your online presence is an integral part of promoting your business. If you want people to know about you, they will have to come across your content or voice first.

By having a popular website with lots of followers, you can boost your traffic by linking to their pages. You could link to theirs directly, advertise on their sidebars, invite them to comment or contribute to one of your blogs, or do all of these things!

It’s important to don’t overdo it though. Linking to too many sites may make your page look busy which may scare away potential readers.

Avoid spammy links like “click here to read our article on…” unless you own that site. Instead, try using headers and shades of color to draw attention to the link so it doesn’t look obnoxious.

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