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How To Grow A Facebook Group

As we continue to see changes happen in how people interact, communicate, and stay connected, social media is constantly evolving. Gone are the days when you can launch an app, invite everyone you know, and start sharing pictures and videos! Learn how to grow a Facebook group today!

Now, with the ever-increasing amount of content being posted across various platforms, it becomes difficult to find time to spend engaging in different modes of social media.

That’s why there’s been more than half a million posts per day on Instagram! It’s because most people have run out of things to say and do.

You probably noticed that some of your friends’ groups seem to be growing consistently, while others don’t look like they will ever get bigger. What gives?

Don’t worry, this article has got you covered. In this article, I’ll talk about how to grow a Facebook group from scratch.

Make a list of things that you should always do when growing a Facebook Group

How To Grow A Facebook Group

Running a group is not easy, but it is possible! Starting out with the right preparation makes a huge difference in how successful your group will be.

The first thing you need to know about running a group is that there are two main people behind every group.

One is the administrator who can add members, create posts, and moderate the comments on the page. The second person is the moderator or leader of the group. This person is usually given special privileges to manage the group.

Both of these positions require someone to log into Facebook as part of their job, so make sure to pick trustworthy individuals.

Invite everyone that you think would like to join the group

How To Grow A Facebook Group

After you have created an initial group, your next step is to invite people to join it. You can do this by selecting “Add members” from the settings section of the group. This will take you through a series of questions that allow you to invite users directly into the group or send them direct messages.

Once all of these steps are completed, then you will know who has access to the group!

You should also ensure that only approved people can post in the group. This way, content is protected and organized, and someone cannot create false accounts and posts as another person.

Google Apps for Business offers several ways to manage groups, so make use of those to help keep everything running smoothly.

Tell all of your friends about the group

How To Grow A Facebook Group

Now that you have created an open invite, it is time to tell everyone! You can do this through word-of-mouth or social media.

Tell all of your friends about the group so they can join too! Tweet, post, and spread the word. It will help grow the group even more!

And don’t forget to include the link in the tweet or posting so people can find it as well. This will help to grow a Facebook group.

Post the groups official page

How To Grow A Facebook Group

The first thing you will need to do is create an account for your new group. You can use our quick guide or one of these free website generators to quickly produce a strong-looking domain name and username.

Once you have this setup, you will then want to choose whether to make the group public or private. If you are giving out personal information (like in the case of a workgroup) then making it private is best!

If however, this group is just for fun then making it public is okay. Who knows, you might meet some cool people or even find yourself joined by others who know how to grow groups too!

After that, you will want to pick a theme or topic for the group. This will help people join more easily as they can look through the other posts to see what the group is about.

Lastly, you should add the leader profile field for whoever created the group.

Find a theme for the Facebook group

How To Grow A Facebook Group

Now that you have created an account, it is time to find your audience! Who will be interested in what you are offering? You can start by creating a free Facebook group or setting up a paid Facebook business page first. Either way, they both require you to create a topic or place where members can come and talk about things.

This could be anything from how to improve their personal life, career tips, or even just general chat. Yours could be giving helpful advice to other users or sharing experiences with others who may benefit from them. It does not need to be related to your field either; anyone could use this information anywhere in the world.

After you gain some momentum, begin looking into which features of Facebook would be appropriate to add to your new group. This could include polls, asking questions, etc.

Make the group private until it gets enough members

How To Grow A Facebook Group

Even if you are not actively promoting your online business, having a presence on social media is important. You should have at least one account on each of the major social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

But what kind of account? They can all be different things! For example, you might have an Instagram account for your photography business, a Snapchat profile for entertainment or fun stories, and a LinkedIn profile where you promote your offline business.

With that many accounts, keeping up with them and developing relationships across platforms becomes difficult. And since they all make their money off of advertising, it’s hard to know who to believe because none of them pay well.

That’s why creating a separate Facebook group is such a great idea. A Facebook group is only open to people who “like” the group, so potential customers don’t need to worry about whether your product is worth buying.

And even though groups already have a lot of features built-in, you can add more as needed.

Encourage members to do things in the Facebook group

As mentioned before, starting with a closed group is a better way to begin if you want to grow a Facebook group quickly. However, it is important to encourage members to do things in the group!

If someone does not contribute anything or nothing new happens in the group, then they will leave which would be worse than having no groups at all.

As an administrator of a large group, I know that leaving can sometimes be hard because there are so many people involved. If someone leaves, try to remember who these individuals are and what kind of activity the group has always seen from them.

See if you can find out why they left and whether or not their departure was just for a few days or months. Sometimes people need time to relax and focus on other things without being distracted by the group.

By giving people opportunities outside of the group, they will feel more comfortable returning to the group. Create fun games or activities that appeal to different types of users to keep them engaged.

Be consistent

Consistency is one of the biggest factors in growing your group! This could be things like posting weekly, monthly, or even yearly updates.

It’s very common to lose momentum after the initial growth period because there isn’t much activity happening. You will need to work hard to get people back into the group if you want it to thrive.

On top of that, some users may leave at times, but that’s normal. Just make sure you don’t alienate any members as they probably invested time in joining you.

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