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#ParrotInsider: The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

lead generation

It’s 2021 and you are looking to generate leads for your business. You have come to the right place! We will be discussing lead generation strategies that will help you in this ever-changing world of technology. There is no shortage of information on how to generate new leads, but it can be difficult sifting through all of the noise. This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of what matters most and what doesn’t when it comes to generating quality leads for your business in 2021!

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a marketing strategy that helps you connect with potential customers. This can take the form of generating qualified leads by capturing contact information, building interest in your company or product, and helping convert interested prospects into paying customers. Generating new leads at an effective rate has never been more important than it is today!

What are some strategies for lead generation?

The best way to generate quality leads for your business depends on what stage we’re talking about: prospecting vs. converting. When it comes to prospecting (generating uninterested parties), there is no one-size-fits-all solution – each industry will require its own customized approach depending on customer preferences and needs in 2021.

However, we can recognize a few strategies that you may want to follow – including one strategy that Early Parrot will be extremely helpful with.

#1 Create an incentive-based referral system for lead generation

Lead generation is an ongoing process that occurs in your company. This means you have to ask for the right things and provide incentives that are worth it to those who help generate more leads. Creating a referral system can be one such incentive-based technique you should use, as well as other techniques like using contests or offering prizes of some sort. It’s important not only to create these policies but also enforce them so people know what they’re getting into when participating with this type of marketing campaign.

Remember that lead generation is not a one-time thing and you’ll have to keep creating new ways for people to get involved if it’s not working. You also need the proper incentives, as well as good ideas on what would work best when trying different things out so you don’t waste time or money doing something that won’t be successful. It may take some trial and error before getting this right but in order to generate more leads there are certain steps worth taking.

#2 Create opt-in opportunities for lead generation

Lead generation is not just about getting people to fill out a lead form. There are many ways you can generate leads, and the best way for your company may be different than what’s working well for others in your industry. One of our favorite strategies is creating an opt-in opportunity–a type of sales funnel that encourages prospects to provide their contact information with the promise of exclusive content or resources in return. The goal here is twofold: first, capturing more email addresses so we can keep marketing back to them; second, providing high quality content like eBooks which will educate customers on topics they care about most so they make smarter buying decisions down the line. We have seen this method work incredibly well when it comes time to close deals.

To set up your own opt-in opportunity, you can either create a landing page on your website or send an email campaign. The most important thing is to provide content that will be valuable and interesting for the people who subscribe–whatever it takes to get them to sign up!

#3 Do not neglect email marketing in lead generation

Email marketing is often overlooked when it comes to lead generation. Email marketing has been around for a lot longer than most social media platforms and as such, creating an email list of people who subscribe to your blog will be more valuable in the long run because these subscribers are invested in what you have to say. An added bonus with this type of content distribution channel is that there’s no need for any additional post processing since the user views your message on their own time and at their convenience so they can easily process all the information without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Email marketing is a trustworthy form of content distribution that will help you build trust and authority in your industry.

And with email marketing, it’s not about quantity but rather quality—you have to focus on building relationships so people want to hear from you more often than they simply want to know what you’re selling. A long-term investment pays off better over time!

#4 Use social media for lead generation

It has been said that 80% of adults are connected at least monthly with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram and most people check their social accounts first thing in the morning. This means you can start a day-long conversation by engaging your target market through these channels. How? Think about what they care about then share content related to those topics: events they might be attending, news items that affect them directly, store promotions for products they might like. You’ll find out when it’s worth sharing something too – if there’s an uptick in engagement from followers who have never interacted with your company before! That will indicate you’ve found someone new and a potential customer base

Why is social media a great channel for lead generation? Well, it has quite a few benefits.  First of all, it’s a good idea to use social media because you can find potential customers on there who are already interested in your product. Plus, if they like what they see online – and trust the company that is promoting their products or services – those people will be more likely to convert into leads for sales teams as well as buy from them offline.  Social media also makes it easier to build relationships with potential customers.

#5 Prepare a few landing pages for supporting lead generation

If you’re going to invest in lead generation, it’s important that your content is not only compelling and relevant but also serves as an additional way for potential customers to reach out. Many companies are publishing blog posts about topics like “lead nurturing” or “cold calling,” so if those are a part of your strategy then be sure to publish some related landing pages on the topic too. This means coming up with new offers, providing supporting articles and guides, and writing helpful how-to tips–all things people can take action on through their browsers instead of just clicking away from the page.

#6 Think outside-the-box of your lead generation efforts

The best way to stand out in this crowded space is by thinking outside-the-box of your lead generation efforts. No longer can you rely on the tried and true methods, which are largely saturated with a plethora of other vendors doing just that; it will be hard for you to succeed without some originality. One example might be performing online research about an industry event happening soon so that you can reach potential attendees before they attend the event. That means contacting them beforehand as well as afterwards – while they’re at the conference or when they get back home from it (depending on what their preferences are). But don’t stop there – consider sending follow up emails after participants return from an event geared towards networking opportunities, introducing new products to them, and so on.

#7 Run lead generation webinars

You can also run webinars to boost your lead generation processes.

What is a webinar? A webinar is an online seminar, lecture series or presentation created for the purpose of educating and engaging target audiences. Webinars are usually free to attend, with live streaming video which can be viewed on desktop computers as well as mobile phones and tablets. This means they’re easy to share across your social media networks like Facebook Live Video or YouTube Live Streaming.

How should you prepare for it? The first step in hosting a successful webinar would be creating content that will resonate with your audience while addressing their needs and priorities. You also want to make sure that you have quality visuals (e.g., PowerPoint presentations) because people do not always remember what was said during the event but often retain what they see.

How should you promote your webinar? It’s important to share this information as far and wide as possible, so create a campaign that will reach your target audience such as sending out invitations through LinkedIn or Facebook Messenger. You also want to make sure that there is an email list because people may not be logged in during the event time.

How can webinars help with lead generation?

In 2021, webinars are a great way to generate leads. Webinars have grown in popularity because they allow companies to introduce themselves and their products or services while at the same time learning more about what the customer is looking for. They also give customers an opportunity to ask questions which will then help provide potential customers with all of the information necessary before making a purchase decision.

Webinar marketing has become one of the best ways for businesses to engage customers online by delivering marketing presentations that educate prospects on your business offerings, solutions and how they can benefit from them.

#8 Use influencers

One last strategy we have found effective when developing lead generation strategies is building relationships with industry influencers in our field. These are individuals whose opinions carry weight among prospects–they may not make decisions themselves but they do influence what other decision makers buy into so if you want to reach new customers quickly, this strategy could work well for you. And even better, they’re usually more receptive to marketing messages like these because of their interest in the field.

Over to you

There are many strategies for lead generation, and you’ll need to experiment with what works best for your business. Lead generation is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy, so we hope our tips came in handy!

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