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#ParrotInspires: Referral marketing & SEO – perfect match?


There’re so many ways to get new leads for your page. Thanks to the digital revolution, many brands are launching and operating their businesses more easily than before. Some of the ways are easy to obtain, while others are more challenging. That’s why you should consider using referral marketing – it’s an easy way to build a relationship with your customers! Moreover, when you combine referral marketing efforts with SEO actions, you will have the opportunity to create strategies that are effective and support your objectives!

The matter of referral marketing and SEO

To better show you how can referral marketing and SEO work together, we need to tell more about  these elements:

Referral marketing

Referral marketing helps you stand out from your competitors and the crowd significantly. We can say it’s an effective form of marketing as it uses referrals, recommendations, and positive word of mouth to help grow your business and company. It uses the networks and connections of your current customers. What’s more, it’s generally based on customer engagement. You should also be aware that word of mouth referrals are usually cheaper.

A referral marketing strategy involves getting someone you know and trust (a referral) to sell or promote your product to a specific group of customers who wish to buy from you. 

Referral marketing can involve adding referral links to your website or encouraging customers for referrals. Your company can generate new leads with this strategy if it’s handled correctly. When a product or service is referred, it results in success in some fields. 

What about SEO?

SEO aims to achieve the highest ranking of a website in natural (organic) search results for particular phrases and keywords. The first position on the search rankings will allow you to gain more visitors to your site, build brand recognition, and increase income from the sale of services and products. However, the benefits may become apparent only after a few weeks since it is a long-term undertaking. 

Another SEO aim is to make sure that the website is visible and understandable to the search engine robots. Essentially it means, the architecture of the site as a whole, the structure of pages, the content, and keywords should be optimised in a way that allows for better search engine rankings.

We also can highlight two types of SEO:

  • White hat SEO – activities following the rules of search engines. The most common include:
    • mutual connection i.e. links exchange,
    • website optimisation, taking into account the users’ requirements,
    • content optimisation by creating valuable content for website visitors.
  • Black hat SEO – are unethical activity and inconsistent with search engine codes. The most popular of them are:
    • spamming message boards,
    • creating content exclusively for search engine robots,
    • repeating keywords or placing them in white font, 
    • abuse of pop-up windows.

Can they work together?

Referral marketing and SEO can work together and complement each other! But, you may wonder how, and we are in a hurry with the answer.

First of all, it’s great when you have a great experience with the people you’re working with, and they want to share their experiences with others. Applying these opinions to your webpage makes your content more trustworthy for engines. Then, they treat your website higher in natural search results. It’s a great option to use such a solution, as people give opinions about what’s at the forefront of their minds. They imitate things that they can see around quite often and share things that can hold much value in the market. People share beautiful stories with others too. All this can substantially positively impact your brand if you consider using this information on your web.

Benefits to combining RM & SEO

Thanks to connecting referral marketing to SEO, you can get various benefits like:

  1. More potential clients will know about your company. Using this solution will increase your company’s recognition, and it’s a huge plus because if you failed to do so before, now you have a chance.
  2. The popularity of your product will rise. Also, your products will benefit from this. Increased brand awareness means increased product awareness.
  3. Your business can grow. The above two factors will make your business gain momentum and grow.
  4. You can grab more employees. Increasing interest among potential employees means you can improve your workforce. You can get new hands to help you or make some changes to your squad that you’ve been thinking about for a long time.
  5. You can make new contacts with contactors. Further cooperation means new opportunities, experiences and development. New contractors can provide them.
  6. You can reach to competition’s clients. Maybe you will gain customers from the competition?  Maybe new customers will find out about you? Or friends recommend your products to them? Everything is possible.
  7. You can introduce new products more efficiently. If you want to introduce a new product, referral marketing and SEO will make things easier. Reliable opinions will drive customers and potential customers to trust your new products faster.
  8. You can leave your competition behind. Are your competitors not taking advantage of referral marketing? Excellent! Do it with you and be the first among them.
  9. You can use positive opinions to improve your brand image. If your company has had an image problem, the hope is, among other things, combined referral marketing and SEO. Improve your appearance, show the world positive opinions about your products, about the company, and track the events.
  10. You can spread your business. All the factors outlined here will help you develop your business in many areas!

Summary – is it a perfect match?

Like you see, acquiring businesses through referrals may be even two times faster than other means. Referral marketing is cost-effective, impactful, and trusted. Additionally, the method relies on word-of-mouth referrals and can be used by any business. Getting referrals helps you turn satisfied customers into remarkable convincing customers. If they know people looking for such services, ask them to refer you to them as your services and products are available for all those satisfied consumers at a fair price. 

When you consider referral marketing in SEO, you will be able to reach more and more people worldwide. As a result, you can increase your revenue and begin your journey to becoming a leading brand. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it! 

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