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The Benefits Of Using Video On Your Landing Page

As we already mentioned, the benefits of using video are very popular these days. It’s no wonder why! With how easy it is to produce and publish content online, more and more people are creating their own YouTube channels as well as posting videos on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

With the explosion in the use of video, there have been an increasing number of companies that offer ways to incorporate this medium into your business marketing strategies. A landing page is one such way to do so.

A landing page is usually designed to promote a product or service. What makes a great landing page is that it is solid and impressive. Most people will quickly delete what they read due to poor design or content. Luckily for you, we will go over some reasons why using video on your landing page is a good idea.

This article will talk about some benefits of adding a video to your landing page. We will also discuss some types of videos that can be used.

The benefits of using video on your landing page: Greater engagement

Happy excited African American female laughing and gesticulating while having video calling on laptop and sitting at modern cafe

A well-designed landing page will use pictures and videos to draw your audience’s attention, but it is the medium that comes after that sets the tone for how engaged people are with the content you provide.

The media chosen after the cover image or picture set has loaded will influence whether users stay and read the rest of the content on your site, or quickly navigate away.

People tend to spend less time looking at one thing before moving on, so picking something that keeps them interested is important.

What kind of content? Videos typically hold more interest than still images because they tell a story. People love stories!

Many marketers think that longer articles are better, but this isn’t always the case. Some readers like their pages short and crisp, and others can get distracted easily if there’s too much going on.

You should pick what length of the article you create based on your target audience.

The benefits of using video on your landing page: Better click-to-conversion rate

The Benefits of Using Video on Your Landing Page

One major benefit of using video on your landing page is that it can help boost your conversion ratio. A conversion ratio is how likely someone is to perform an action given your intervention.

For example, say you are trying to get people to enter their email in a survey or buy something online. You could use visual appeal to influence whether they enter their information or not.

If there’s a picture of a product that looks good, but no explanation as to why it would be helpful, most people will pass over it and continue looking for reasons to invest in the product.

By adding a short video that explains the benefits of the product, potential customers may feel more inclined to make a purchase.

Landing pages with videos also seem to create more positive reviews than those that do not. According to one study, web users were almost twice as likely to give a site a high rating if there was at least one video on the landing page instead of just text and links.

The benefits of using video on your landing page: Visual content

Cheerful young African American female blogger in stylish sweater smiling while setting up camera of smartphone attached to tripod with ring light before recording vlog

Even more powerful than still pictures is adding some form of visual content to your landing pages and applications. This can be done through the use of videos, logos, illustrations, or even pure white background with no decorations.

Landing page designers oftentimes will include some type of picture or illustration as part of their navigation or quick menu items. These images are usually neutral in color and tone, and they typically have an underlying message that correlates to the page that they’re featured.

The same concept applies to what types of visuals you can add to your application. A short video may cover the main points of the app, while also highlighting its features. An interactive feature tester tool allows users to try out the product before buying it!

It reminds them of the product and gives them insight into whether or not it works for them.

The benefits of using video on your landing page: Can include video clips

The Benefits of Using Video on Your Landing Page

With the explosion of digital media, it is impossible to create an eye-catching landing page that does not contain at least some form of visual content. If you are trying to get people to buy a product or service, using too much text can be frustrating for your audience!

By including a few minutes of video or article content, you will make your landing page more engaging. Potential customers will be able to see something they may want or need, which creates a sense of motivation to purchase.

Furthermore, due to the length of time, it takes to consume a video, most people will probably spend just enough time looking to determine if there is anything in the next area that is interesting or helpful. This gives you time to add another element to your landing page, enhancing your chances of getting business.

There are many ways to use videos on your landing pages, so do not hesitate to look into them. Some of the easier ones to implement are creating a quick introduction or testimonial about the products and services you offer, putting in place a link to the site then adding a closed caption feature so someone who cannot hear can still understand what you have to say.

The benefits of using video on your landing page: Can include animated GIFs

Crop cheerful young ethnic female vlogger touching screen on cellphone while preparing for video record in town

Even more powerful are interactive videos that can contain animations and pictures or even other videos! This is an increasingly common way to use video in marketing, especially with the rise of the mobile phone and the internet.

You can create engaging experiences by incorporating anything from explaining how to do something to offer testimonials to showcasing products and services.

By adding interactivity, you increase engagement because your audience can copy what actions you take for yourself or someone else.

This was the case when you clicked “buy” on our product here, so why not apply this concept to your landing pages?

We will talk about some ways to use video on your landing page later in this article, but first, let’s discuss the importance of A/B testing.

A/B Testing Is Key To Optimizing Your Landing Pages

Landing pages have become very popular online. They’re often referred to as “web apps” due to their function as digital applications.

Instead of going to another site to perform a task (like looking up information), you get routed to your landing page where you are allowed to do so.

That makes them perfect for doing tasks like promoting a new product or service. You can also add content to strengthen your message.

A lot of people start off using pre-made templates but there are many free design tools available to customize yours.

There are two main reasons why optimizing your landing page is important.

The benefits of using video on your landing page: Fewer distractions

The Benefits of Using Video on Your Landing Page

A well-designed landing page will use white space to keep your eye moving around the area, as well as have clear calls to action and messages that are strong.

By using video instead of just text and pictures, you can remove some of these elements so your customers have less distraction.

Landing pages contain links to other sites or services for potential purchases. By using videos instead of still images or rich media such as games, you do not need to include those additional links because people can go directly there!

For example, if one of your products includes monthly memberships, a video is a better way to describe the product than a picture or two. People will be able to watch a full-length video looking at the product more clearly than they could with a summary article.

Interactivity also helps create greater engagement and interest in the content. Potential buyers may feel distracted by the lack of solid decorations or easy ways to emphasize important information.

A shorter movie removes this obstacle and allows them to focus more on what matters to them.

Faster loading time

Focused young brunette in eyeglasses with cup of hot drink lying in comfortable bed and working on laptop in morning

A fast load time is one of the most important things to consider when designing your landing page. This includes looking for ways to reduce the amount of code you have on the site, using shorter phrases instead of longer ones, and replacing graphics or images with a more streamlined version.

By reducing the length of these components, your browser will need to reload the website less frequently, which gives users a smoother experience.

Landing pages are usually designed to do something very quickly, so having a short wait before getting results can be frustrating for users. It may even cause them to give up because they feel overwhelmed by the content or the process.

Helps with SEO

Woman Sitting On Sofa While Working At Home

When using videos for landing pages, you want to make sure that they are long enough to be seen by people who search online for your product or service!

Landing page content should be watched completely before being closed so that users can get the full effect of what your business has to offer.

This is important because if someone does not watch all of the content on your landing page, then they will probably look elsewhere for information.

Having longer videos decreases the chances of them leaving without making a purchase or taking action on one of your products/services.

Google even lists video length in its optimization guidelines as a key factor in determining how well your website ranks in search engine results.

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