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Leveraging Customer Testimonials On Your Landing Page

A landing page with no engagement or calls to action is like having a dinner party without inviting anyone– it’s pointless! Learn more about leveraging customer testimonials in this article.

Landing pages are an integral part of marketing any business. They help in generating interest, creating engagement, and eventually conversions for your website or product.

One of the most important parts of a landing page is its content. What you put into the page will determine if people stay and read more, or quickly click “Skip Content” and go somewhere else on the web.

This article will discuss some easy ways to add rich, attractive customer testimonials to your landing page. These could be from current customers, past customers, or even influencers that praise your products or services.

Not only do these ads get attention, but they also positively influence potential clients. When someone you know talks highly about your company, it creates a perception of quality and professionalism.

Testing this type of advertisement on a new landing page can save you time and money in the long run.

Leveraging customer testimonials: Encourage customers to leave reviews on Amazon

Leveraging Customer Testimonials On Your Landing Page

It’s free for your business, and you can use the reviews to help promote your product or service!

By adding this element to your landing page design, you’re helping to increase engagement and influence in your customer base.

Landing pages are designed to get people to take action. The more actions users have to click through, the less likely they will engage with the content and navigate away from your site.

By encouraging potential clients to go onto Amazon and review your services, you’re creating a sense of urgency to make a purchase.

This is especially important if you’re trying to draw in new business, as most people these days find it very difficult to trust companies that don’t have lots of positive feedback.

Leveraging customer testimonials: Use testimonials in your emails

Leveraging Customer Testimonials On Your Landing Page

Another way to use customer testimony effectively is to add it to your marketing messages as an actual element. This can be done in the form of an email, text message, advert, or landing page content.

You could create a separate section for testimonials that contain pictures and videos of people talking about how your services helped them. These could then be linked to the products and/or pages of the company website.

This would also help to reinforce the importance of the product or service being promoted, as well as create trust with potential customers.

It is very hard to write good-quality content so this should not be neglected unless you are running out of things to say!

Your colleagues may feel reluctant to tell everyone what they have found helpful about your department, so try gathering some yourself by asking around – even if it is only one or two people.

Leveraging customer testimonials: Connect with your customers on social media

Leveraging Customer Testimonials On Your Landing Page

As we mentioned, landing pages are powerful tools that can help you achieve your marketing goals. A well-designed landing page will use pictures and text to tell your potential audience about your product or service.

But what if there were no pictures or a few of them? Or what if they didn’t speak highly of your company like you would want people to be talking about it?

By adding content designed to appeal to users’ senses, you can draw their attention and gain their trust at the same time. This is even more important for online audiences, where individuals tend to rely heavily on textual reviews and comments to determine whether or not to buy a product.

Interactive features such as polls, questionnaires, and surveys can also add depth to your questions and thus strengthen your offering. By asking meaningful questions and listening to the answers, you can learn a lot about who your target market is and how best to cater to them.

And finally, don’t forget about testimonials! Getting statements or quotes from past clients or beneficiaries of your services will win over hearts and minds.

Leveraging customer testimonials: Use testimonials in your videos

Leveraging Customer Testimonials On Your Landing Page

Another way to use customer testimony in your marketing is as a video. While some will tell you that people forget about past experiences, research shows that it does not affect the perception of product quality or service excellence.

Studies show that using testimonials can even increase trustworthiness!

Including testimonials in videos gives the viewer more credibility. People believe that large businesses have adequate resources to back up their claims and thus trust the business more.

It also helps build authenticity. It adds “realness” which makes the message more believable. On the other hand, if you don’t have any reviews, then it may seem like you don’t care about your customers or the products you sell.

There are two main reasons why using testimonials in videos is effective. First, it creates an element of credibility. And second, it can help establish an emotional connection with your audience.

However, make sure to source legitimate testimonies. Check out our tips here for sourcing trustworthy testimonials. Make sure to include enough names, full identities, and dates to prove that they belong to the person being quoted.

How to use customer testimony in your YouTube videos:

As mentioned before, use these testimonials strategically. Avoid letting one too many drops off the page, but instead, add them in at the right time.

Leveraging customer testimonials: Ask your customers for testimonials

Leveraging Customer Testimonials on Your Landing Page

As mentioned before, landing pages with testimonials and quote features are one of the most powerful ways to boost engagement. While some may consider it cliché or even cheesy, creating interactive products that ask for reviews is now in fact a smart marketing practice!

By asking your audience to share their experience with your product, you increase exposure, generate new leads, and strengthen relationships at the same time.

Landing page apps like Buffer do this by offering users an opportunity to add a review after they test out your product. But how can you get better-quality reviews?

Here are our tips for getting higher-quality customer testimony videos:

1) Use direct questions instead of statements

A statement will work just as well as a question, but using a question creates a more natural conversation. Try replacing some of the short, unelaborated comments with our list of helpful hints above!

2) Be personal

Instead of saying something general about your product, talk about what benefits matter to YOU personally. This gives your reviewer more incentive to contribute because they feel connected to you.

3) Keep it natural

Avoid asking too many open-ended questions (“How did you use X feature?”), instead, try asking tighter ones (“Has there ever been a situation where you used the Y feature?”).

Tell your customers how great you are

Leveraging Customer Testimonials On Your Landing Page

As we mentioned before, landing pages with testimonials can help to strengthen your credibility as the seller of the product or service being marketed.

Testimonial quotes should be genuine — no “I am so glad I found this out!” or “Wow, best buying experience ever!”

Unless you’re Theodoros, writer of this article and founder of ContentZapper, that is.

Instead, use natural language that inspires confidence. For example: “John just bought our new phone cover” “Sarah loved the sleep sleeve she purchased” or something along those lines.

Encourage your customers to post their reviews

A very effective way to boost engagement and traffic around your landing page is by asking people to share their experience with what you offer. This can be done through social media, forums, or even printed documents that ask for feedback!

Landing pages are designed to encourage action, so why not use those actions to spread your message?

By asking others to talk about your service or product, it creates an opportunity for exposure while also enhancing your reputation.

It’s hard to put more emphasis on how great of an offering you have than someone who has already tried it.

And though they may not necessarily buy from you, by reading their review you get them invested in your company just a little bit more. They feel empowered by what you have to offer and want to go along on this adventure with you — which can lead to business.

That’s exactly what happened here. Take a look at these five powerful testimonials.

Link your website to your social media pages

While creating an engaging landing page with products or services is important, one of the most powerful ways to do this is by linking your site to your existing social media accounts.

By adding links to your personal Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram profiles, you can gain valuable exposure by sharing content that discusses how well these products work.

Landing pages are designed to convince people to buy, so using testimonials to back up your claims will give your audience more motivation to invest in your product.

Testimonials also help create a trust for the company, as potential customers can see first-hand what people have done successfully with their product.

Interlinked accounts allow your followers to easily share your content across different platforms, which helps promote engagement and spread the word about your business.

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