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How To Automate Your Referral Program

A referral program is one of the most powerful ways to increase business for your company. By offering an incentive or reward for someone you know to do business with you, you can get them to spread the word about your product or service. In this article, you will find out how to automate your referral program.

By adding value through their experience with your product, they’ll want to promote it and speak highly of you. This is referred to as marketing reciprocation.

You can easily automate referrals by creating a rewards system where people can earn points towards prizes or other incentives for doing business with you.

There are many apps and software solutions that offer such features. Some even connect with social media so you don’t have to use your own accounts!

In this article, we will be talking about two of the biggest time wasters that referrers face when trying to actively manage their referral program- how to track activity and win bonus money.

Tracking activity doesn’t just apply to active referring either – inactive users also need help in staying engaged with your app. In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to do this.

Create a workflow for each task on your list

how to automate your referral program

The second way to automate your referral program is by creating a workflow that allows you to assign tasks such as sending an email, posting on social media, or even recording a phone call.

By using these built-in tools, you no longer have to manually complete these tasks — instead, they are done automatically!

This saves you time so that you can focus on more important things like meeting with new people or pitching them on the services you offer.

You will also want to create separate workflows for different stages of the referral process, such as confirming interest or asking someone to refer you to another person. This adds additional efficiency because you do not need to re-do this step every time!

The apps mentioned in this article are free to use. You get two weeks to evaluate whether it helps you achieve your business goals. If you find it doesn’t, you can easily remove the app and start over.

Create a schedule for your referral program

Young Professionals Working with Computers

The second way to automate your referral program is by creating a routine or schedule that was smart enough to recognize when you need a boost of referrals.

Most people start using reward programs like coupons and gift cards in the spring, just as interest in products and services rise. So why not use this time of year to launch an even better incentive program?

By doing so at the end of the season, when people are already looking forward to rest and relaxation, your hard work will be recognized and appreciated. And if your business has its own rewards system, these bonuses can be put towards growing your team or personal career.

With a winterized referral program, you’ll have another tool to help promote sales and growth for your company.

Connect your referral program to your website

Side view of female freelancer in warm sweater and eyeglasses drinking tea from white ceramic cup while sitting on floor near sofa with netbook on legs while creating document for remote work project

Once you have found a way to generate referrals, what next? You will need to connect your referral program to your site so that people can earn rewards for bringing in new members!

There are two main ways to do this. The first is by creating a link to their own account on ReferralsCrowd or another similar tool where they can get reward tokens for referrals.

The second option is to create an affiliate website with WordPress or other content management systems (CMS). Then, using some software such as Google Analytics, you can add code which automatically sends traffic from your website to yours.

This article will go into more detail about how to set up both of these types of referral programs.

Encourage your audience to refer friends

how to automate your referral program

As mentioned before, creating an engaging referral program is one of the most important things you can do to help grow your business. But how exactly should you go about doing this?

The first thing you need to do when asking people to spread the word for you is make it easy for them! If you drop off some materials at their place of work or ask if they know anyone who could use your services, that’s not good enough.

You have to create a system where they are incentivized to share your information with others. This way, when someone else needs your service, they will automatically recommend you!

There are many ways to achieve this, but the easiest is through social media. By adding ‘Refer A Friend’ buttons to your Facebook page, website, and/or app, you’re signaling to your followers that you want them to spread your message.

But what if they aren’t very active on social media? Or maybe they don’t have any connections that would be willing to receive your info – even if they did, they might not trust you enough to let them.

That’s why we suggest creating content designed to inspire your potential referrals to take action. You can write a blog article, produce a video, or perhaps give away something free – anything to get their attention and motivate them to take steps towards helping you succeed.

Encourage your audience to share your referral program with others

Two People looking at an Event Planner Paper

A strong referral marketing strategy is not about giving away free money, it’s about creating an incentive for people to spread the word.

By offering a small amount of money or a reward (like a ticket to a speaker event), you can create momentum that will help your referrals succeed.

This way, they’ll feel more inclined to push forward on their own personal mission to earn rewards themselves.

And if they don’t? You still get credit for motivating them, and maybe even some inspiration in the process!

Measure your success with your referral program

how to automate your referral program

The best way to automate your referral program is to measure its effectiveness. You can do this by looking at the numbers, and not just in terms of how many people you referred that converted into members or customers, but also whether those referrals generated new conversations and business for you.

By measuring these things, you’ll get an accurate picture of what’s working and what’s not. It will help you determine when it makes sense to add more incentives, launch new programs, close current ones, etc. – all from a pure profitability standpoint!

There are several ways to measure the effects of your referral program. Some of the most common metrics include:

Customer conversions (businesses signed up as a member)

Member loyalty (how much longer someone remains part of your community)

Conversational engagement (how often people talk about your products/services)

Returning visitors (someone who has visited your site before is considered a returning visitor)

Visitor actions (what they actually do while on your site, such as click around or take action)

What makes the best incentive really depend on the goals of your referral program. If your goal is to generate additional sales, then offering discounts is probably your best bet because it directly impacts the price of goods or services.

If your goal instead is to retain existing members, then offering extra rewards like early access to events or materials is better than giving away money.

Revise your program based on what you learn

Man Sitting in Front of Three Computers

A referral program is not a one-and-done event, it is an ongoing activity that requires constant revision and experimentation.

What changes you make to your referral program will depend on how well it is performing for you at the moment. You can either strengthen or weaken your current model depending on whether it works or does not work.

By having these in place, you are ensuring that your hard work will continue to pay off even after the summer season comes to an end!

And once again, with all of this being said, never stop trying new things to reward those who refer and earn through you.

There’s always someone out there who has just what you’re looking for at a competitive price – they’ll find you if you look like you’re investing in growth.

Personalize your program based on customer preferences

how to automate your referral program

A good referral program needs to be personalized to the people you are trying to influence and needs to match their buying tendencies and lifestyle, that’s another way to automate your referral program.

If your referrals do not seem to be working, it could be because yours is too boring or generic. If someone else in your circle of friends has what seems like an effective referral system, then you should look into how they managed to make it work.

You can take some of their tips for making your successful referral program.

Start by asking yourself why most people enjoy being rewarded for their efforts. It may be because they want recognition for their hard work, or maybe because they want to reward themselves after completing a project.

Whatever the reason, letting others know about your product or service will set them both motivated and happy. When they feel appreciated, they’ll keep supporting you, which is very valuable to your business.

Give away free items to draw attention to your offering and create word-of-mouth marketing.

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