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Awesome Referral Program Examples

Finding new customers is the key to staying in business, which is why most companies have some sort of awesome referral programs. A referral program rewards your current customers for buying products or services from you by offering them free or discounted goods or services. Read on to find out some quality referral program examples.

Your current customers can be anyone like friends, family members, colleagues, or even online influencers that know you well and trust you. When they promote you, it increases your brand’s exposure and word-of-mouth marketing strength!

It also helps you gain more sales as people believe what you sell and buy it from you. The more people that think highly of your product or service, the bigger market you create for yourself. And being popular is always a good thing!

There are many ways to ask for referrals. You could offer a discount for referring a friend, reward each referral with a special prize, or give away free merchandise as an incentive. Whatever method you choose, make sure it’s not manipulative or sneaky. It should be clear and straightforward so your potential referees don’t feel pressured.

But how do you keep track of all those referrals? Luckily, there are lots of apps and tools designed to help you. Some track only personal referrals while others also cover business referrals such as through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

These tracking apps and programs make keeping up with all of the referrals easy.

Amex green card referrals

Through glass of friendly young Asian head barista showing young cheerful African American female coworker how to use special program on laptop

Many companies offer reward programs for business to business (B2B) referral marketing. Ambitious businesses that want more customers will refer their colleagues, friends, or family members who they think may benefit from what your company offers.

Amex is one such company that has a recurring gift program. Their gift recipient can be anyone — not just people looking to buy an expensive new wallet like theirs!

By offering rewards to referring individuals, you create a snowball effect of word-of-mouth advertising. People feel incentivized to refer their friends who might earn a small reward, which then brings in even more attention for your business.

There are several ways to receive the benefits of this reward program. You can accept uploads and downloads as gifts, connect with other social media accounts to gain exposure, or send direct messages asking if someone could do some work for you.

The length doesn’t matter. It can be a few sentences or it can be a complete article.

Disney World referral program

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to have a lot of money to enjoy Disneyland or Walt Disney World. You can visit as part-time tourists or even as a seasonal worker!

The cost to earn an Annual Passport is only $99 (versus the original price of $499) but it does require one to purchase the Magic Your Life Through Tickets package at least two weeks prior to visiting. This allows for more in depth experiences during your trip such as rides that are not included in the pass.

For example, there will be separate lines to enter some areas due to limited space so you may want to make sure you are prepared by buying tickets ahead of time.

Disney World rewards referrals

awesome referral program examples

As mentioned before, offering some type of reward or gratitude for your referrals is a great way to boost their motivation and influence. Companies offer these rewards to be sponsored by the organization or through advertising collaborations.

Companies use rewards such as free tickets or merchandise to draw in new members. The more people you help an organization reach its goal, the greater chance yours will have to succeed!

By collaborating with an organization, you get exposure for your business while they get valuable insights about their service to improve it. You can also gain prestige from being associated with an elite company or group.

These are all reasons why giving away prizes is a smart strategy to grow your business. It’s not just a nice thing to do, it actually creates impact and growth.

Amazon referral program

Being sponsored by one of the biggest online shopping destinations in the world can be very fruitful for your business. By offering discounts or coupons to their customers that you know they will use, you get free advertising!

Amazon offers a way for you to earn money through its referral program. You earn points towards rewards with every purchase made from the Amazon website.

The more purchases you make through Amazon, the more reward points you accumulate and therefore higher reward rates for merchandise. It is not only worth it for them, but also for you!

By earning extra rewards, you are able to boost your income. Many people have success putting together an extensive reward system using the Amazon rewards we mentioned above.

But there are many other opportunities beyond just rewards programs. You can find lots of ways to make additional revenue via the Amazon referral program.

Netflix referral program

Many companies offer reward programs for your referral, but what people don’t know is that some are way more exciting than others!

Netflix is one of the referral program examples that get you excited because it gives you an incredible gift when someone you refer purchases a $50 value plan or higher.

Their gift to you? A free month of streaming!

That’s right — if someone you referred buys a $100 monthly plan, then you both get to stream without any limits for a whole additional month!

This is totally awesome because you and your referred friend can enjoy all of Netflix’s content together with no cost whatsoever.

It’s a great way to strengthen relationships by giving back to those who helped you out before.

Starbucks referrals

When asked about his company’s referral program, Schultz responded with what he calls The Three I’s — incentive, investment, and integration. As for incentives, he says, “We pay people to talk about our brand.”

As part of their reward package, bar staff are given an amount of gift cards for their personal use. These vary depending on how many referrals you get, but average around $25 per person.

The rewards don’t stop there; through its Rewards Catalog service, customers can earn up to $250 in credit every year by referring friends who shop at least one time online per month.

This is not limited to just Amazon either, anyone can refer someone and earn points towards bigger purchases or direct credit.

Zappos referral program examples

Starting in 2008, Amazon-famed online shoe retailer Zappos ran an incredible referral program where anyone can earn up to $1000 for every friend you refer that purchases at least $100 worth of merchandise!

Zappos rewards your friends with a percentage discount equal to their purchase amount (the referring person gets 10% off while their referred friend receives 15% off)!

By adding people into your circle through social media sites like Facebook, you can easily keep track of which of your friends have bought from Zappos before and send them this article or another helpful one!

This is a great way to make some extra money without too much hassle.

Apple referral program examples

Two Woman Sitting On Sofa While Using Laptops

In March 2017, tech company Apple announced their referral program that rewards you for referring your friends to take an online course from them. You earn 2 points for each friend who takes one of their courses and 1 point per student if they purchase is at least $100.

A part of this reward comes in the form of an additional 10% discount off any item in their store. This includes products such as iPhone apps, e-books, educational toys, and more! It also helps promote the site by giving it exposure.

This is very cleverly done because it does not cost anything to refer a friend, and there is no limit to how many people you can send freebies to. If someone doesn’t take advantage of the discounts, you still get your money back value.

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