Thinkific Referral Program for your Courses

With a Thinkific Course Referral Program, you can give your students an incentive to spread the word about your course.

Read more about the benefits of having a referral program with your Thinkific courses: Why do you need a referral program for your Thinkific courses?

Thinkific Referral Program

How to create an EarlyParrot Campaign for your Thinkific Referral Program?

The EarlyParrot Referral Campaign enables you to have full control over how your referral program works. Through the EarlyParrot campaign you will be able to:

  • Set up when you want to give out rewards to referrers. Do you want to reward referrers for referring students to a FREE course? Or do you want to incentivise referrers for referring paid students? EarlyParrot enables you to track both!
  • Control which rewards to give out to referrers. Is it a digital reward, physical product or monetary incentive? You pick and choose
  • Stack rewards, setting up a number of milestones for your referrers to reach, enabling them to unlock more rewards for more referrers
  • Style your sharing widget, change looking and feel to make it match your brand
  • and much more…

Here is a step by step guide on how to create an EarlyParrot Referral Campaign

Best Thinkific Referral Program Rewards to give out

Here is a list of the best rewards, inexpensive, high quality and value rewards that you should consider giving out to your referrers. We get asked this question quite frequently. After designing and implementing 100s of referral programs we feel that these are the best rewards that you can give out.

Read more here about the best Thinkific Referral Program Reward Ideas

How to integate Thinkific with EarlyParrot?

There are two ways how to make Thinkific and EarlyParrot talk to each other. You can install the Thinkific EarlyParrot APP from Thinkific App Store by following this tutorial: How to install EarlyParrot Thinkific App from Thinkific App Store Step by Step. This integration method is normally used by those who don’t have an EarlyParrot account created yet.

You can connect your Thinkific account to an existing EarlyParrot campaign from the EarlyParrot Campaign Wizard as per the following tutorial: How to integrate EarlyParrot with Thinkific

Once you have integrated your Thinkific account, we highly recommend testing out your integration. Read more about how you can test your EarlyParrot Thinkific Referral Program. We review every single EarlyParrot campaign prior to going live so as to ensure that you have properly configured your campaign and that you read to go! Feel free to reach out to our support at [email protected] for help.

Thinkific Referral Program Promotion Tips

Having a referral campaign is one thing. Getting a good return on your investment (ROI) is another. To get the best results for your referral program, we recommend you read our suggestions when it comes to promoting your Thinkific Referral Campaign. Reach out for help if you need help with your promotion. We can coach you on the best way forward. Schedule a call with an EarlyParrot Referral Marketing Expert

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