How to install EarlyParrot Thinkific App from Thinkific App Store Step by Step

Thinkific App Store is a great addition to the Thinkific ecosystem. It enables you, as a course creator, to install apps to your Thinkific account with a click of a button. All apps have been vetted, tested, and approved by Thinkific.

There are two ways how you can install the EarlyParrot Thinkific app:

a. Directly from your EarlyParrot account, from the integrations section

b. By hitting the install button in the Thinkific Appstore for the EarlyParrot app.

This tutorial is going to focus on the second method. This is the preferred to install the EarlyParrot Thinkific app for those course creators who don’t have an EarlyParrot account created yet.

Find and initiate the EarlyParrot App installation

Head over to Thinkific App Store and search for EarlyParrot in the search. Click on the result and then click on the install button as shown here.

Assuming that you don’t have an EarlyParrot account and hence not logged in, you will be taken to the EarlyParrot login screen as shown below.

Create an EarlyParrot account

Login In and create your first campaign