How to integrate EarlyParrot with Thinkific

EarlyParrot is a referral marketing platform that can be easily integrated within almost any sales funnel/user flow. EarlyParrot’s flexible API makes it possible to track all your Thinkific students as they sign up, when purchasing any of your courses and when referring new students (referrals). It is also able to automatically rewarding referrers as they reach a particular milestone in your referral campaign. This Knowledge Base (KB) focuses on how to add a refer-a-friend system to your Thinkific courses.

At EarlyParrot we have developed a Thinkific APP that makes it easy to add a referral program to your Thinkific account.

Before we proceed – don’t want to integrate EarlyParrot yourself? Don’t have the resources to do or simply wish to have us set it up for you? We offer a done for you service, at a very reasonable price. Send us a request on [email protected] with your domain for further instructions.

Why do you need a referral program for your Thinkific course?

By adding a referral program to your Thinkific course(s) you will be turning your students into active referrers, giving them the functionality and ability to invite their friends to sign-up to your courses in exchange for a reward.

From our experience, referral marketing will:

  • lower your student acquisition cost, by getting new student sign-ups through word of mouth
  • improve your conversion rates as referred students convert at a better rate
  • extend your reach / amplify your marketing by getting referrers to spread the word about your brand

How will your Thinkific referral program be structured?

Irrespective whether your Thinkific is hosted on or your custom domain, your referral program will be made up of the following main components:

  • Landing Page: The landing page is where all your referred students will be sent to. This can either be your homepage, your Thinkific courses page or else a custom Thinkific page. EarlyParrot will capture all your visitors, track them until they either leave your website or else they sign-up for a FREE course and/or purchase a course.
  • NEW student sign-up: EarlyParrot will process each and every student sign-up. By monitoring every student sign-up, EarlyParrot will determine where a student has been referred or not. Using EarlyParrot you can create a campaign which rewards referrers for referring new students to FREE courses.
  • PAID course sign-up: If on the other hand you would like to create a referral campaign which rewards referrers only if they refer paid students, then you can have EarlyParrot monitoring all your course sales. By monitoring your sales, EarlyParrot will determine whether a particular student has been referrer and hence whether the sale was referred or not.
  • Share Page: Through the functionality provided by this page, your students will be able to refer their friends by either: by sending direct email invites, by sharing posts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or else by sending referral links on chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc.

Now that you know the different components that will make up your referral program, let’s create a referral campaign on EarlyParrot and go on with integrating it with a Thinkific account.

Creating a referral campaign in EarlyParrot

Create a referral campaign on EarlyParrot is very easy. There are 7 steps in all, which are summarized through an easy to go through the wizard. Check out How to create a campaign in EarlyParrot knowledge base article for more information.

Integrating your EarlyParrot campaign with your Thinkific course

Step 1: Install the Landing Page script

What is your referral campaign landing page? Basically, it is the page where all your referred students will be sent to. So let’s say your homepage will be your referral campaign landing page, referred students will be sent to The rh param will uniquely identify the referrer and the source where the student is coming from.

Installing the Landing page script in Thinkific is very easy. Log into your Thinkific account, go to Settings > Code & Analytics > Site Code Footer and place the following script. Please make sure you replace the campaignId.

<script type="text/javascript">
    var epVars = {
      adminUrl : "",
      appUrl : "",
      campaignId : "5c792ca304feec3ac869b6d5"
    //REPLACE campaignId with your campaign ID
<script type="text/javascript" async="true" src=""></script>

Once you install the Landing Page you will need to tell EarlyParrot which is your landing page. In the Integrations steps, in the create/edit campaign wizard, you will get to install the landing page. Click on the configure button under the Landing Page.

Place the landing page URL in the provided input field and check your installation by clicking on Verify Installation button.

Step 2: Install the student sign-up capture script through the EarlyParrot Thinkific Lead Capture integration

In order for EarlyParrot to be able to tell if a new student sign-up has been referred or not, it must monitor all sign-ups. EarlyParrot uses various techniques to be able to track new-student sign-ups. In order for EarlyParrot to capture new student sign-ups, you are required to add a script into your Thinkific account.

Go to your EarlyParrot account, select the campaign you want to integrate with your Thinkific and go the integrations tab. Pick Lead Capture Integration tab and click on Thinkififc.

Follow the steps in the Thinkific integration screen.

Installing the student capture script in Thinkific is also very easy. Log into your Thinkific account, go to Settings > Code & Analytics > Signup Tracking Code and place the following script. Please make sure you replace the campaignId and the domain name (if you are running Thinkific on a custom domain).

<script type="text/javascript">
var epVars = {
  adminUrl : "",
  appUrl : "",
  campaignId : "5c792ca304feec3ac869b6d5"
!function(e,a,t){var n=a.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],i=a.createElement("script");i.addEventListener("load",function(){epJQuery(document).ready(function(){var e=new Object;e.firstName="{{first_name}}",e.lastName="{{last_name}}","{{email}}",e.rh=Cookies.get("rh"),"/api/campaigns/"+epVars.campaignId+"/subscribe",e).then(function(e){})})}),n.async=1,i.src="",n.appendChild(i)}(window,document);

Step 3: Install the Sharing Widget on a sharing page.

The share page is a very important part of any referral campaign. The share page is accessible by all your referrers and will be served from your domain but hosted by EarlyParrot. The share page has three different tabs:

Share Tab

The share tab provides the following functionality:

  • provides referrers with a way how to post & share your campaign on social media with a click of a button
  • provides referrers with an easy way how to send email invites to their friends
  • generates unique referral links for referrers to copy and paste wherever they deem necessary

Rewards Tab

The rewards tab showcases all the rewards and their associated milestone that a referrer can get.

Activity Tab

The activity tab gives a brief overview of the activity of a particular referrer in a given campaign.

In the Site builder, go to Custom pages.

Add a new custom page and call it /invite/. The name of the page is up to you. In this KB we will call it /invite/.

After creating the page, click on the page to edit it. Create a new Text & Media Section.

Edit the new Text & Media section by switching to code view.

Paste the code provided in the Sharing Widget step in the EarlyParrot wizard.

Once you install the Share Page you will have to set it up in EarlyParrot campaign. In the Integrations steps, in the create/edit campaign wizard, you will get to install the share page. Click on the configure button under the Share Page.

Place the share page URL in the provided input field and check your installation by clicking on Verify Installation button. EarlyParrot will verify your share page installation and will guide you accordingly.

Once installed your referral campaign share page will look similar to this:

Step 4: (OPTIONAL) Track your Thinkific sales if you want to give out rewards for referred sales

If you would like to monitor Thinkific sales, then you require to install the EarlyParrot Thinkific APP. To monitor sales and reward referrers for referred students, then you need to do the following:

Log into your EarlyParrot account, select the campaign you want to integrate with your Thinkific account and then click on the Integrations > Sales Capture Integrations. Choose the Thinkific integration from the list of integrations.

Go to step 2 and enter the school’s name as shown.

Hit Grant Access Button. By granting access you will give EarlyParrot access to past and future sales orders. EarlyParrot needs to pull this information in order to be able to reward referrers.

How to Promote your Thinkific referral program?

You can promote your referral campaign in various ways. The more you promote your referral program, the more engaged referrers you get and in return the more referrals they will get for your course. The following are the most common ways how we recommend Thinkific users to promote their campaign.

Link to the share page in your email sequence

Just like having an unsubscribe link in all emails you sent out, you should also have a link to your share page. The more subscribers you manage to send to your share page the more engagement you will get. There are two options to link to a particular subscriber’s share page:

Linking to the share page from your autoresponder is easy. Let’s say your share page url is To link to a particular subscriber share page you have to use the following URL format:[email protected]

Use your an email sender provider merge tag in order to replace [email protected] with the subscriber email. By providing a subscribeEmail param, you will be personalising your share page for individual referrers.

Send a dedicated email about your referral program

After from including a Click Through Action (CTA) in every email sequence you send out, we also recommend you send at least one dedicated email specifically about referral program, highlighting your rewards and how your subscribers can easily share the referral program with their friends.

EarlyParrot <> Zapier <> Thinkific

Up until now, we have seen how EarlyParrot can be integrated with Thinkific. But, what if you want to:

react to an event in your referral program?

give instant access to a course, on referring a student?

tag a Thinkific student to trigger off an email sequence?

You can do all this and more through the EarlyParrot <> Zapier <> Thinkific Integration.

Do you have any further questions?

We understand that every Thinkific referral campaign is different from the other. That is why we offer strategy calls & one to one consultations. Schedule a call with our founder Gaetano: