Why do you need a referral program for your Thinkific courses?

FACT: The most valuable leads that you can get for your courses are from referrals. These are potential clients who have been introduced to your brand & courses by students that are happy enough with what was offered.

FACT: This means one potential client talking up another which makes them more likely than any other type
of lead obtained via marketing efforts such as advertisement. This is because when somebody who we trust recommends us a course or a brand, we are more likely to convert.

Here are the top benefits that you will get out of your Thinkific referral marketing program:

01 Leverage your existing customer base.

You can take your marketing efforts to the next level by implementing a referral program. With every 100 leads that you get through various marketing channels, an extra 14%-19% are generated via referrals alone!

02 Improve your conversions

Referral marketing is a proven way to connect with your ideal customer. When you recommend someone, they listen and trust what you say! This means that leads coming from referrals convert 2x – 2.5x better than any other lead type in the market today – which can translate into some serious gains.

03 Widen your reach

One of the most important advantages of having a referral program is that it cannot be blocked or shut down. Software such as AdBlocker+ can block ads but will not block one-to-one conversations, personal interactions such as one to one private emails or social media posts.

04 Lower your cost of acquisition

You won’t have to pay out any commissions or eat away at your ad spend when you get referrals, which means better quality leads for a cheaper cost of acquisition. In the long run, this will save you plenty money!

05 Identify future potential partners / mini-influencers

Who is your top referrer? Where are they getting referrals from and what can we do to help them succeed in their businesses. You’ll identify new opportunities that most probably you didn’t know existed, so it’s good for both parties!

06 Create a warm community feeling

You want to create a sense of community and belonging for your audience. You need them invested in what you are doing so that they will come back often with new customers who also feel like part of the family.

Providing opportunities for engagement not only promotes business success but creates long term brand loyalty as well!

07 Give back to your clients. Value for spreading the word

Your audience will love sharing in return for valuable rewards. Not only does this mean you’ll get more leads, but it’s also a testament to trust and loyalty – those who engage with your referral program are doing so because they know how great YOU really ARE! Make sure that their efforts aren’t wasted by giving bigger and better incentives when friends invite them over or sign up themselves- these people deserve recognition after all the time spent helping make YOUR business booming (literally)!

Enough reasons why you should have a referral program to promote your courses? Get started with your Thinkific EarlyParrot Referral Program Integration