How to promote a Thinkific Referral Program

Just like everything else promote your referral campaign in various ways. The more you promote your referral program, the more engaged referrers you get and in return the more referrals they will get for your course. The following are the most common ways how we recommend Thinkific course creators to promote their referral campaign.

01 Link to the share page in your email sequence

The email marketing sequence is owned promotion. You have full control of what goes out to students. Just like having an unsubscribe link in all emails you sent out, you should also have a link to your referral program share page. The more students you manage to send to your share page the more engagement you will get results in more referrals for your Thinkific courses.

We highly recommend at the bottom of every email you send out, you include a Call to Action (CTA) to your share page, a short description of your referral program and why someone should share your courses and what is in it for them.

02 Send dedicated email about your referral program

Apart from including a CTA in every email sequence you send out, we also recommend you send at least two dedicated emails specifically about the referral program, highlighting your rewards and how your subscribers can easily share the referral program with their friends.

These dedicated emails should be sent out after a student has already benefited from your courses (both if they are FREE or PAID) and hence in a position to recommend your courses to others.

03 Offer multiple rewards – reward ladder

Set various milestones for your referrers to reach and unlock different rewards.

For example:

2 referrals will earn you a gift from a sponsor or partner,

5 referrals exclusive cheat sheet PDF format

10 referrals a free 1-on-1 session with you.

By creating a reward ladder you will encourage ongoing and repeat referrals from the same students On reaching a milestone, a referrer will have other rewards to look forward to.

Not sure what to give out as rewards? Here is a list of the most engaging referral rewards that course creators give out.

04 Exclusivity

The best way to get your audience’s attention is by making them feel special. We use several techniques for this, such as:

Ask for their help: The best way to get people on board with your referral program isn’t just by telling them about it, but pitching the idea in such a way that requires their help.

Exclusive rewards: The rewards given out to referrers should be exclusive, and not accessible in any other way. This is the best type of reward because it means that only those who satisfy certain criteria will receive these benefits! This condition will set you in a better position to receive referrals.

05 Simple Messaging

For best results, use a simple structure for messaging and rewards. No multi-tier structure, no fancy drawings, no lottery style. Do not overcomplicate your referral program messaging – just one clear message from the beginning until the end so all referrers willing to participate in your referral program knows exactly what will happen when providing referrals.

06 Don’t discount

Yes, you might be surprised to know that discounts aren’t the best rewards. By giving out partial refunds or discounts to your referrers you are essentially leaving money on the table. Referrers are most probably the happiest students that you have. They are convinced and appreciate you and the value you bring. So why discount it for them?

Do you have any further questions?

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