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Guest Blogging Best Practices

As you can probably tell, writing is an integral part of advertising for most large brands. Writing for an audience comes with its own set of rules and regulations. And guest blogging on its own is a whole new world every blogger should explore.

Writing for the press as an author or journalist is different than advertising. Even producing your content takes special skills that few people have.

But writing for advertisements? That’s something almost anyone can do!

By using well-researched keywords and phrases, creating engaging messages, and putting together creative briefs, you are sure to pull out all of the best features of various products and services.

And yes, even though this article may seem like it’s only about blogging, there will be some tips that pertain directly to running a successful website.

This article will talk about how to write effective ads, what types of advertisers need to know about marketing, and why these practices matter. It will also include some easy ways to get started advertising yourself and some general guidelines.

Thank you so much for reading today’s article! I hope you take away something helpful.

Create a topic that both you and the blog owner will be interested in

guest blogging best practices

As with any form of marketing, guest blogging is not worth it if done wrong! This can mean writing poor-quality content or posting links to low-quality sites.

If you read this article then I am assuming you are already familiar with the basics of how to write an effective article, cover potential topics, and promote yourself and the product/service YOU offer.

I also assume you have determined which blogs are a good fit for your business and community-supporting engagement. If you don’t, do so now!

Once you have those two things down pat, creating a successful guest post becomes much easier.

Link your website to your guest blogging post

Person in White Long Sleeve Shirt Using Macbook Pro

After writing an article, it is very important that you link to the other site using links or references. You can do this by adding in their URL as a reference in your own article, linking to them in your social media profile pictures, or even mentioning them directly.

By linking to the other site, your readers will be able to check out the content on the mentioned site, and if they like what they read then they can easily visit that site as well!

This will help promote the sites and helps boost engagement and traffic for both of you.

Provide a synopsis of your blog post

Woman Using Smartphone and Laptop

As mentioned before, creating a successful guest posting campaign depends heavily on the article you are asked to write and the audience that it targets. Before agreeing to write for another site, make sure you understand their editorial policy and focus!

Knowing who your readers are will help you choose the best placement and tone for your content. When writing your material, consider whether this information is available in the public domain or if it requires a paid subscription.

Likewise, the target website’s audience should be known so you can determine what types of articles they value and how well they publish such pieces. This allows you to gauge whether your style matches theirs and whether you would be comfortable publishing under their name.

General tips include ensuring the other team members are affiliated with the organization and confirming there isn’t already an adequate amount of content online.

Choose a unique angle for your blog post

guest blogging best practices

As seen before, not every blogger has a large audience or is in a position to launch their website with a domain name and hosting account. This can be tricky if you are trying to gain an online presence quickly.

Running out of ideas and inspiration is totally normal! It takes time to find your style as a writer and photographer.

That’s why it is important to choose an angle that people are actively looking for content under. For example, if you have a fashion blog, instead of writing about how to dress for winter, write about which brands are must-haves this season. Or maybe how to layer clothing for warmer weather.

The key here is to use statistics and examples to back up your arguments. People will trust more informed opinions than ones that seem too self-serving.

Provide content that the blog owner will find appealing when guest blogging

guest blogging best practices

As with any form of social media marketing, your success as a blogger depends largely on how well you market yourself. Your success will come down to two main factors: consistency and engagement.

Consistency is important because it signals to potential readers and commenters that you exist and are active on the website. Engagement is significant because it shows the reader or viewer that you care about the site and want to contribute to it.

Your style and tone of writing should be consistent across all of your online profiles to create an immersive experience for readers. For example, if your profile picture is set in neutral tones, use neutral colors in your text and avoid very elaborate graphics.

Likewise, your messaging and bullet points should be clear and concise. Use simple language and emphasize why and what benefits users can gain by reading your posts.

When guest blogging link to other blogs the owner may find interesting

guest blogging best practices

As mentioned earlier, one of the most powerful ways to promote your site is by linking to relevant resources on another website. This can be done through blogging partners or via sponsored posts where you advertise for a product or service on their page.

But before you start advertising anywhere else, some things must be considered when deciding how to link to others.

You should always check if permission has been given to use their content in this way before sharing anything. It is also important to make sure the linked article is appropriate for your readers and will appeal to them.

Offer to guest blog for the owner again in the future

Side View Photo of Smiling Woman in a Black and White Striped Top Sitting on a Bed While Using a Laptop

After writing an article, offer your readers some recommendations or tips as part of what they can do next. Recommendations like where they could find your articles, reading materials related to the topic you covered, and more!

Many owners will accept your recommendation with gratitude and may even ask if you have any other ideas that could help them promote their site. If you’re able to provide such information, go ahead and add it so they can use it too!

This is totally acceptable, normal practice when doing guest blogging. It shows respect for the website and its users who read your content.

Encourage commenting on your blog post

guest blogging best practices

As mentioned before, one of the most powerful ways to gain exposure for your site is by sharing information on your website or social media platform.

By educating others on your topic through comments on their posts, you can create an online community that grows over time.

This not only helps promote your site, but it also gives them benefit from the information you provided.

They may even choose to link back to your site or share your content on theirs!

How about we do a quick exercise in encouraging comment posting?

Let’s say there was a blog post about how to mix natural colors with neutrals. You could give your opinion on that article and add some more tips if anything got stuck out to you.

But what if someone didn’t agree and gave their reasons why those tips were wrong? That would be a great conversation!

You could probably make your case as well, so why don’t you go ahead and leave a comment telling people how to mix natural colors with neutrals?

I’d like to add another guest blogging tip here – when they write their reply, try leaving a comment as well.

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