A campaign can be broadly described as a strategy of how your referral marketing will work. EarlyParrot will collect subscribers, monitor their referrals, keep track of their individual score, pick winners and send out rewards. Check out how to create a campaign.


A subscriber is a unique email in your campaign. A subscriber can either be:

  • a referral if the subscriber has subscribed after it has been referred by another subscriber (called the referrer)
  • a referrer if the subscriber shares the provided unique links and manages to get new subscribers to sign-up (called referrals).


Every subscriber to a campaign, will get a unique referral links to share. A referral link has a unique code that uniquely identifies each subscriber in a campaign. When a subscriber shares this link and gets another subscriber to sign up, then the subscriber is called a referrer.


The subscriber signing up to a campaign when referred by another subscriber (called referrer) is called a referral.

Social Media, Messaging Apps Shares & Visitors

EarlyParrot can track all social media and messaging app shares along with visitors coming from them. Social media and messaging apps that EarlyParrot can track:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Slack


To entice subscribers becoming referrers and convincing lots of referrals, a campaign must offer attractive rewards to either all subscribers and/or a subset of it. Depending on the campaign type referrers will either compete against each other for rewards such as in Top Influencer campaign and Fast Lane campaign or else all referrers will be treated equally (such as in the case of Reward Unlocking Campaign)  and will be given out rewards depending on how they manage to refer and share.

Double Sided reward

Any campaign created on EarlyParrot can either be single sided (rewards only the referrer) or else it can be double sided (that is rewarding both the referrer and the referral). Giving out rewards to both the referrer and referral does not have to be more expensive as you can make them share the reward. It is highly recommended that your campaigns are double sided rewards to further fuel engagement. It will be very easy for referrers to convince their friends to join the campaign when double-sided rewards are enabled.