How to create a Top Influencer Campaign?

What is a Top Influencer Campaign and how does it work?

In a Top Influencer Campaign, referrers compete against each other. All referrers compete for the top spots and against time. When the deadline of the campaign is up, only the top referrers are compensated. EarlyParrot monitors & tracks all subscribers and their referrals and once the campaign’s deadline is up, top referrers are automatically sent out the associated reward. This is done after all Fraud Checks have passed.

How to create a Top Influencer Campaign – Step by step

Choose Top Influencer in the Reward System screen as shown below.

Choosing a Top Influencer as a reward system will lead you to the following Rewards screen, where you can enter the list of rewards to be given out in ascending order starting from the top referrer going down. Along with the list of rewards, the following has to be set up:

  • a deadline when the rewards are to be sent out. EarlyParrot will take care of monitoring the campaign, sending out rewards to top referrers when the time is up.
  • the metric to be used to order the referrers in. Eg. if referrals metric is used, then the top referrer sending most referrals will place first. On the hand, if the share metric is used, then the top referrer sending the most shares will place first.

Rewards ideas for Top Influencer campaign must be exclusive and something worth the effort to share and participate in a contest. Remember, referrers might end up getting nothing after all. Some ideas are Gift Vouchers, VIP treatment, Gadgets or exclusive invites to events.