How to integrate EarlyParrot with Virtual Summit Mastery (VSM) by Navid Moazzez

EarlyParrot is a referral marketing platform that can be easily integrated within almost any sales funnel/user flow. EarlyParrot’s flexible API makes it possible to track your subscribers referring new subscribers (referrals) and automatically rewarding referrers as they reach a particular milestone. This Knowledge Base (KB) focus specifically on how to integrate a typical referral marketing campaign in a Virtual Summit as described by Navid Moazzez in his training program Virtual Summit Mastery.

Your existing flow

Once you set up a Virtual Summit you will have the following components connected together:

  • Landing page (usually the homepage) This page is where most of your visitors will land.
  • Subscriber capture form Usually the subscriber capture form is on the home page and in a popover. The subscriber capture form will ask visitors to subscribe to get a FREE pass to the Virtual Summit
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) On signing up, the new subscriber is added to a CRM which can be either Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign and hundreds of others. The CRM will allow you track your subscribers, add them to an email sequence get them to convert to what you are selling – summit passes (in most cases).

Your existing flow + EarlyParrot

With EarlyParrot as your referral marketing platform you can add a referral program to your existing user sign up / sales funnel without having to change a single thing about it. EarlyParrot will:

  • Track all visitors landing on your landing page, detecting which visitors are referred (coming from a referral link) or non-referred.
  • Capture new subscribers prior to submitting a new subscriber to your CRM, EarlyParrot will push a new sign-up to EarlyParrot systems. Along with the sign-up information such as first name, last name and email, EarlyParrot also sends any information about the referrer if the new subscriber has been referred.
  • Process Referrals upon receiving a new subscriber, EarlyParrot will process it and check if the new subscriber has been referred or not. There are various ways how EarlyParrot can track a referred subscriber. If the subscriber has been referred, the referrer is tracked and the referral is attributed. If a reward milestone is reached, the referrer is given out the associated reward.
  • Generate Referral Links. EarlyParrot generates a unique referral link in the form of []?rh=XXXX Your subscribers can share this referral link to get their friends to visit your virtual summit page through this link. This unique referral link will enable EarlyParrot who has referred a particular subscriber.
  • Generate Share Page URL Just like
  • Push generated information to CMS (if supported) a

Creating a referral campaign in EarlyParrot

Create a referral campaign is very easy. There are 7 steps in all which are summarized through easy to go through wizard. Check out How to create a campaign in EarlyParrot knowledge base article for more information.

Integrating your campaign

Installing Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager is a free product by Google. Most probably you have been in this situation before. You want to integrate a new service with your Virtual Summit (such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and now EarlyParrot). You have to go around on your website, add scripts, publish those scripts. The job is tedious and error prone.

Google solved this. They created a service called Google Tag Manager which allows you to install scripts from a good looking dashboard. Once you have Google Tag Manager installed (which you can install it just like how you install Google Analytics) you can then push new integration codes through Google Tag Manager. Not only that, if you are stuck, you can give us temporary access and we can help you with your problem.

To install Google Tag Manager we recommend you watch this video.

Install the Landing Page script

What is your referral campaign landing page? Basically it is a the page where all your referrals will be sent to. So let’s say your homepage will be your referral campaign landing page, referred visitors will be sent to The rh param will uniquely identify the referrer and the source where the visitor is coming from.

To install the landing page script, please follow the steps in this KB: Landing Page Installation

Install the subscribers’ capturing script

Prior to submitting the subscription form to your CRM, the EarlyParrot subscribers’ capturing script will send first name, last name and email to EarlyParrot campaign. (first name and last name are optional). This is done by binding a script (through Google Tag Manager) to the for. The script will ensure that prior to submitting to your CRM, EarlyParrot will also get the required information to add a new subscriber to your referral campaign. To install this script please follow the steps in this KB: EarlyParrot API – How to add a new subscriber to an EarlyParrot referral campaign

Install the Share Page script

The share page is a dedicated page on your domain where you will be hosting an iframe with the sharing functionality. To install your a share page for your summit please follow this KB: Share Page Installation

Promote your campaign

You can promote your referral campaign in various ways. The more your promote your referral program, the more engaged referrers you get and in return the more referrals they will get for your summit. The following are the most common ways how we recommend virtual summit organisers to promote their referral campaign.

Show share page straight after sign-up

Navid in Virtual Summit Mastery, recommends that straight after sign-up one should sell the summit pass. We recommend that straight after tying to sell the pass, one should promote the referral campaign. So the flow should be as follows:

Landing page —> Sell Pass —-> Pass Sold —> Show Share Page

—-> Pass NOT Sold —> Show Share Page

The idea is to maximize your reach by promote your referral program to both those who bought the pass and those who opt not to.

Link to the share page in your email sequence

Just like having an unsubscribe link in all emails you sent out, you should also have a link to your share page. The more subscribers you manage to send to your share page the more engagement you will get. There are two options to link to a particular subscriber’s share page:

Linking to share page from your autoresponder is easy. Let’s say your share page url is To link to a particular subscriber share page you have to use the following URL format:[email protected]

Use your autoresponder merge tag in order to replace [email protected] with the subscriber email.

Send a dedicated email about your referral program

After from including a Click Through Action (CTA) in every email sequence you send out, we also recommend you send at least one dedicated email specifically about referral program, highlighting your rewards and how your subscribers can easily share the referral program with their friends.

Add Exit-Intent Popups in Sales Pages

Boost your summit referrals by adding exit-intent popups to your sales pages. Sales pages are built to convert visitors to customers but if you detect that a subscriber is about to navigate away from your sales page then try to get a referral out of them.

Check out this FAQ on how to add Exit-Intent Popups

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