EarlyParrot Campaign – Reward System Step – Campaign Progress

EarlyParrot allows you to choose the how, when to whom reward will be given out in the Reward System step. Different reward systems use different gamification rules and can help you engage your audience in different scenarios.

Reward Systems that EarlyParrot supports

Reward Unlocking: Referrers will not compete against each other. They have a set of milestones, and on reaching any of the given milestones, they will unlock a reward. This reward system is the most commonly used and is suitable for evergreen funnels. This reward system gives an equal opportunity to all referrers to get a chance to unlock a valuable reward. Reward Unlocking system can be set up as follows.

Unlike reward unlocking, for both the Top Influencer and Fast Lane reward systems, referrers compete against other for a limited number of rewards.

Top Influencer:  All referrers compete for the limited top spots against a deadline. This reward system is typically used when valuable rewards are given to top X referrers at the end of a campaign. Want to create a top influencer campaign?

Fast Lane: This reward system is identical to Top Influencer. However, it has repeat deadlines when referrers will get rewarded. In the Fast Lane reward system, referrers are sorted based on the number of leads they have referred and rewarded accordingly every X days/weeks. Those getting the most leads referred are on the fast lane and get awarded first. Check this on how to create a Fast Lane campaign