EalyParrot Campaigns – Different strategies

There are different strategies for how you can gamify lead generation. EarlyParrot has three different campaigns, all inspired by several success stories.

Reward Unlocking: Rewards will be given to referrers on reaching a certain milestone. Inspired by Dropbox and Harry’s. All subscribers will have an equal chance to get all rewards. Rewards will unlock in a sequence based on how much the particular referrer will manage to refer.

Top Influencer: Rewards only top referrers when the contest is up. This is inspired by generic influencer marketing. A number of companies have tried this out and found that it worked well for them. In the case of a Top Influencer campaign, the rewards are more exclusive. All subscribers will compete to be ahead of others and land a winning position. For instance, if the campaign has 3 rewards, only the top three referrers, when the time is up, will be rewarded.

Fast Lane: The more the referrer shares and refers, the better his position will be in a queue. This campaign strategy is inspired by RobinHood. Usually, this kind of campaign is used by companies who are launching a new product and/or feature and would like to use exclusivity to create hype around their launch.