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The LIST that GROWS itself

Grow your email list by 19%+ at no EXTRA ad spend.

We generated hundreds of thousands of referrals resulting in millions of dollars in revenue.

Get your free copy of The List that Grows Itself Ebook and other bonuses provided by EarlyParrot and partners.

What you will learn

What is referral marketing?

Learn how to add a new marketing channel through which you can promote your email list. What is referral marketing and why does it perfectly fit with email marketing plan?

What kind of results you should expect?

Depending on the niche, rewards, promotion you do what will be the return on investment be like? What is considered a successful campaign?

Top strategies that we recommend

What is the best way how you engage your attendees to participate in your referral program? How can you promote your referral program?

Which rewards work best?

Is it discounts, free tickets, e-books, merchandise? How many rewards should you give out and how should you structure them?

What others have to say...

"An extra 2,000 opt-ins through our opt-in form and I’m estimating an extra $5,000 to $10,000 in sales"


“We used a software called EarlyParrot… we got 1,000 referred attendees out of 7,500!”


“With our email list, we’ve seen between 13-20% of signups come from EarlyParrot referrals.”


“Get more readers into our free newsletter at a cost effective and time effective price”


“Spoiler alert, it has been pretty awesome. We have raised about 2,600 subscribers, that’s 2,600 people that are already waiting for a website”

Fabio Cordeiro, PIXELHOPP

Our Happy Customers

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Get a free copy of The List that grows itself and other bonuses provided by EarlyParrot and partners.