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Flexible Campaigns

Reward Unlocking: Rewards will be given to referrers on reaching a certain amount of points.
Top Influencer: Rewards only top referrers when contest is up.
Fast Lane: The more points a referrer gets, the better their position will get in a queue.

Point System

EarlyParrot puts you in total control with its generic point system. For each campaign, you can control how many points to allocate per social media share, unique visitor and/or for each new referral.

Single Sided VS Double Sided

Choose whether to reward referrer only (single sided) or both referrer and referral (double sided).

Rewards System

Depending on the campaign type chosen, you will control which reward will be given out at which point.


EarlyParrot comes equipped with it’s own tracking and analytics. EarlyParrot can track, unique visitors, new referrals, shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and all other major social media), referrals and much more.


All EarlyParrot screens & emails can be fully branded with your theme. Your users will never know that you are being powered by EarlyParrot. We take the back seat.

EarlyParrot as a feature

Ship EarlyParrot as part of your product / service / e-commerce store.


Using a built-in inbox system, you can easily engage with referrals by sending broadcast messages or answering individual messages from your referrals.