EarlyParrot Billing

EarlyParrot has 3 different plans, FREE, ALLFEATURES, UNLIMITED. All newly created projects are automatically on the FREE plan.

EarlyParrot charges per project and not per campaign. A project is a collection of campaigns, grouped together, with unified billing and a team of members having access to all campaigns under that project. Check out what is a project for more details.

For further details about EarlyParrot pricing, please check out pricing page.


The FREE plan does not have any time trial limitation. You are invited to stay on the FREE plan up until one of the limits are exceeded. We will help you set up a referral campaign via email support. These are the limits of the FREE plan.

Once a limit is exceeded, your campaign will lock and will require you to upgrade your project to a paid plan. All paid plans we provide come with a 7-day trial and 15-day money back guarantee.


The ALLFEATURES plan (as its name states) gives you access to all the features and removes several restrictions imposed by the FREE plan. It still has some limitations when compared to the UNLIMITED plan but most limits are enough for small to medium sized businesses. These are the limits of the ALLFEATURES plan.


The unlimited plan (as its name implies) has no usage limits. Basically upgrading on this plan will give you peace of mind that your campaign will never get locked because a limit is exceeded.

For further information, a comparison between the three plans and for a definition of each limit, please check out pricing page.