Clickfunnels integration setup

EarlyParrot’s flexible API integration makes it easy to integrate with landing page/funnel builder software such as Clickfunnels. In any funnel, you will have the following main components:

  • Landing Page: where your all your visitors land.
  • Opt-in Page: where your visitors convert into subscribers, buyers and/or users of the service you provide. The landing page and the opt-in page (in most cases) are usually the same page.
  • Thank you page: visitors who convert are usually taken to a thank you page which will simply thank them for converting.

To integrate a referral campaign via EarlyParrot, you will need to add a script on the landing page. Through this script, EarlyParrot is able to track who is referring who and through which source referrals are coming from. On the opt-in page, EarlyParrot needs to capture new subscribers to automatically add them to the referral campaign. This is done through a second script that needs to be installed on the opt-in page. This script is commonly called Subscribe API call. The third and final script that needs to be installed is usually added on the Thank you page. This script is called the Share Page script and it provides all the sharing functionality.

Let’s go through each of the three steps in more detail.

Landing Page script

Follow this tutorial on how to add the EarlyParrot landing page script in your Clickfunnels funnel.

Share Page script

Share page script installation is very similar to Landing Page script installation. Check out this tutorial on how to install EarlyParrot share page script on ClickFunnels.

Subscribe API call

Now that we have a way how to track referrals (via the landing page integration) and a way for referrers to share your campaign (via the share page integration), we need a way how to automatically add all subscribers who fill in the optin form to your referral campaign.

When it comes to ClickFunnels, there are two methods how you can achieve this:

a. HTML Email Form Integration – Quoting ClickFunnels FAQ

“If you have a 3rd party autoresponder that doesn’t integrate directly with ClickFunnels, this setup will allow you to embed an HTML form to send contacts over from your funnels to your autoresponder automatically.”

Follow this tutorial to integrate EarlyParrot subscribe API call using the Clickfunnels HTML email form integration.

b. Integrate EarlyParrot subscribe call API on the next page after the opt-in page – ClickFunnels allows only for one integration per page. Most of our customers connect their opt-in page with their CRM. This makes it impossible for EarlyParrot to capture the subscriber in the opt-in page. But there is another way how you achieve this. You can integrate EarlyParrot in the next page after the opt-in page.

Follow this tutorial to integrate EarlyParrot subscribe API call on the Clickfunnels opt-in next page.