EarlyParrot Share Page Installation on ClickFunnels

The share page is a very important part of any campaign and has several functionalities linked to it. The share page is accessible by all your referrers and will be served from your domain but hosted by EarlyParrot.  Some of the most important features of a share page are:

  • provides referrers with a way how to post & share your campaign on social media with a click of a button
  • provides referrers with an easy way how to send email invites to their friends
  • generates unique referral links for referrers to copy and paste wherever they deem necessary

Installing a share page on a Clickfunnels page is very similar to installing a landing page. You will need to create a page where you will be pasting some code that EarlyParrot provides you with.

After you have created a new page in your Clickfunnels account that will be hosting your share page integration, copy the provided script and type in the URL of the share page that you have just created.

Paste the copied script on the share page, in a custom Javascript / HTML component.

After saving and publishing your Clickfunnels page, click on the Verify Installation button to double check your share page script installation.