How to get started in EarlyParrot

Getting started in EarlyParrot is very easy.

Step 1: Sign up – It’s FREE and no credit card is required

Go to the sign up page. Once you log in, you will get a step by step tour of the main screens in the EarlyParrot admin screen.

Step 2: Create a Campaign

Once logged in, you can go ahead and create a campaign. A campaign is a collection of settings that make up promotion. A campaign will have a collection of subscribers, referrers, rewards, rules how such rewards are given out a landing page and one (or more) integrations. Whilst this looks like a lot of settings, the EarlyParrot Campaign creation wizard will help set them up one step at a time.

Step 3: Monitor campaigns

Once the campaign creation is over, you can easily kick-start your campaign by following these steps. Using the main dashboard you can follow your campaign performance. Use the charts to improve your campaigns, by tweaking your campaigns, add a reward or even send a message using EarlyParrot Inbox.