EarlyParrot Campaign Stats Explained

At the top of every campaign, EarlyParrot provides all-time stats covering all the key metrics that will help you follow what is going on with your campaign.

The following is just an example from an EarlyParrot campaign.

Shares: Total number of shares on social media. Clicking on the Shares link will take show who shared on which social media

Email Invites: Total number of email invites sent out from your sharing widget. Clicking on Email Invites will show who sent an email invite to who, when and whether the referral converted.

Visitors: Bold number above the line, shows you the number of referred visitors to your landing page. In this case, 249 is the number of unique visitors who have been referred to your landing page out of 1460 unique visitors (number below the line).

Leads: Once again bold number shows the number of referred leads vs the bottom number which is the total number of leads in your campaign. This means 123 referred leads vs 1010 total number of leads resulting in a 12.17% referral rate.