Top Influencer

Rewards will be sent out to the top runners in the contest. The Top Influencer campaign is a contest between all referrers based on who can score the most points by sharing, getting the most visitors and referring most subscribers.

How it works


Referrers join campaign.

When referrers join a Top Influencer Campaign they will start with 0 points. For each action they perform they will accumulate points. The aim for all referrers is to place as a top runner in the contest.


Point System.

EarlyParrot will monitor all subscribers, where they are coming from and who referrered them. According to the specific settings in the Reward Unlocking Campaign, EarlyParrot will assign points to referrers based on their actions. Eg. 15 points a Facebook Share, 20 points for a LinkedIn share, 2 points for each unique visitors coming from Facebook and LinkedIn, 10 points for Telegram message and 50 points for any referrered subscriber.


Get rewarded.

According to the specific settings in the Top Influencer Campaign, EarlyParrot will automatically send out rewards to the top runners (depending on how many rewards are set) when the contest is up.

is it for me?

E-Commerce Store

Instruct anyone who has purchased or visited your store to share and in return they will get rewarded. Rewards can vary from free shipping, bundling discounts or straight $ discounts.


Bundle previous book titles and put them at a discounted price in exchange for word of mouth. The more your fans refer their friends the more rewards they will get. Readers will normally fancy something special, like a signed copy or a personalised note from the author.


After having launched and used the Fast Lane campaign type, SaaS can organically keep doing referral marketing using the Reward Unlocking campaign type. Some reward ideas for Reward Unlocking campaign: FREE upgrade for a month, FREE call with founders, bundling with other services or VIP account.

Non Technical Founder

Being a non technical founder you can use EarlyParrot to gauge interest for upcoming projects by using the Fast Lane campaign. Also if you already have a live project / startup you can opt to add to your growth by using the Top Influencer or the Reward Unlocking campaign.

Growth Hacking Agency

EarlyParrot will help with various needs your clients might have. EarlyParrot will assist you with semi-automates tasks like: testing new markets using the Fast Lane campaign, driving growth using the Reward Unlocking or doing brand awareness using the Top Influencer campaign.

Growth Hacker

EarlyParrot can help you, whether you work for a company or if you do growth hacking on a consultancy basis. Since referral marketing can be used at different stages of a project, EarlyParrot will assist you from start to end of your endeavors.

Why choose Us

EarlyParrot is a startup for startups. We are growing using the same tool we are selling. Our policy is to be transparent and to go where our users need us. This is also why we publicly share our roadmap, which we invite you to have a look at and to give us feedback on.

Our Guarantee

If EarlyParrot does not generate leads - then we have failed you. We will never ask you to pay for our service if you don't get 100 referrals for your project.

What you get

Apart from getting a highly competitive and fully featured SaaS that will enable you to create referral marketing campaigns, your project will also be featured in our Community - hence getting more traffic & leads.

How we will help you

  • Detailed Analytics & Tracking
  • EarlyParrot Community
  • Referral System
  • Startup Focused
  • Social Media Integration
  • Support that you can count on
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