What sets EarlyParrot apart from its competitors?

The top 2 things that really set EarlyParrot apart are:

  • No changes to your existing funnel. EarlyParrot is a very flexible platform that can be integrated into your existing sales & customer acquisition flow, without having to change anything. Most referral marketing platform on the market require you to have a separate landing page, collecting subscribers into a different CMS. With EarlyParrot’s flexible API and unique integrations with your existing tools, you don’t need to change anything except for adding a couple of scripts.
  • Branding. Most of the solutions on the market either charge extra or do not allow removing of branding. With EarlyParrot, all plans (including the FREE one) do not boast EarlyParrot branding. On top of that, EarlyParrot allows full customization of campaigns, adding your styling, sending emails from your domain and hosting all pages on your website, making your referral marketing as seamless as possible.