EarlyParrot Wizard – Funnel Step (Marketing Referral Program)

The goal of a marketing referral program is to get more leads at the top of the funnel. Leads coming into your funnel are offered rewards for referring others who simply sign up to an email list, newsletter, free webinar, summit or workshop.

EarlyParrot needs to monitor leads signing up to determine whether a particular lead is referred or not. In the Funnel Step, you are asked for more information about the software stack you are using to capture leads. Through the supplied information, you will be guided on how to integrate EarlyParrot with your existing software stack without any need for any changes.

You will have to choose the software you are using at the lead capture stage for a marketing referral program. If the platform you are using does not appear in the list, you can either pick Custom & Other Platforms or contact us for guidance.

lead capture stage software integration