EarlyParrot Mission Statement

EarlyParrot is a referral marketing platform that enables small & medium sized businesses, sole-entrepreneurs, non-technical founders, growth hackers or growth hacking agencies to create referral marketing campaigns, just like big brands.

Some successful past campaigns that are worth mentioning and which inspired us to build EarlyParrot are:

  • Dropbox:¬†4 million users in a 15 months
  • Harry’s 100K emails in a week
  • Airbnb:¬†tripled bookings with referral marketing

There are several other examples you can look up, but the above 3 are enough to inspire anyone to start their own referral campaign, through their brilliant use of effective and useful referral marketing.

EarlyParrot is easy to integrate with any sales funnel, completely customisable and do not show any EarlyParrot branding hence your subscribers will not even notice that you are using a third-party platform for your referral campaign. With its flexible API, EarlyParrot can be easily tweaked and tailor for any SaaS, E-Commerce and list building funnels.

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