EarlyParrot Campaign – Goal Step – Campaign Progress

In the EarlyParrot Referral Campaign Goal step, you get to choose the end goal of your referral program.

EarlyParrot support two different kinds of referral programs: Marketing Referral Program and Sales Referral Program

Set up your Marketing Referral Program and Sales Referral Program in EarlyParrot

In the Goal step in your EarlyParrot campaign wizard, you can choose whether to have a Marketing Referral Program or Sales Referral Program.

Marketing Referral Program VS Sales Referral Program

Choose a Sales Referral Program if you:

  • like to reward referrers if a referred lead converts and buys OR
  • if you would like to track referred sales for reporting purposes

If you choose to have a Sales Referral Program, later on in the EarlyParrot campaign wizard, you will be asked to integrate EarlyParrot with your cart software or your payment provided.