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What is referral marketing anyway?

Turning word of mouth into a game by setting targets for your referrers to reach and if those targets are reached rewards are given out.

Referrers will spread the word via several channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger. If a conversion happens a reward is given out.

Referral marketing unlike affiliate marketing, focuses on enpowering existing users to spread the word rather than a few businesses. Instead of paying out commission, referral marketing rewards referrers hence lowering cost of acquisition.

Inspired by


4 million users in a 15 months

FREE space as a reward

Applies to: SaaS, Products, WebApps, Games


Tripled bookings with referral marketing

Discounted holiday stays for both referrer and referral

Applies to: SaaS, E-Commerce


60,000 emails within a few months

Rewarding top referrer for the month

Applies to: SaaS, E-Commerce, WebApp

EarlyParrot Solutions


Supports Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce

Easy integration. Paste code OR Google Tag Manager integration

Automatically sends out coupons as rewards

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Supports any custom coded SaaS

Easy integration. Paste code OR Google Tag Manager integration

EarlyParrot can communicate back to your SaaS via webhooks.

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Giving away or selling a downloadable?

Easy integration with any form gating a downloadable

EarlyParrot can integrate directly with your autoresponder such as MailChimp, Aweber & ConvertKit too.

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Other Use Cases

Promoting other product or service?

EarlyParrot can easily be tailor for your lead generation requirements

Can be applied to: Games, Communities, Apps, Service providers, Digital Products, Coaches and much more.

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