EntrepreneursHQ.com uses EarlyParrot as their referral marketing solution

EntrepreneursHQ.com provides daily marketing tips to more than 100,000 entrepreneurs via EHQ Daily. EntrepreneursHQ.com also host several virtual summits about various topics such as SEO, Digital Marketing and Email Marketing.

To further grow their subscribers both for EntrepreneursHQ.com and also for their summits they work with several affiliates partners who actively promote their business. But they want to take referrals a step further. They wanted to enable their existing subscribers to actively to refer new subscribers in exchange for rewards.

EntrepreneursHQ.com uses EarlyParrot platform for their referral marketing campaign. Watch what Liam Austin (co-founder of EntrepreneursHQ.com) had to says about EarlyParrot.

What to expect here?

So why not share them so everyone can learn from each other’s experience?

At EarlyParrot we don’t just sell a referral marketing platform, we compliment the platform with free tips and advice on how best to approach a referral marketing campaign. Most of the tips I give out are during our one on one calls which I have, almost daily, with our customers.

So why not share them so everyone can learn from each other’s experience?

I will be blogging about different referral marketing campaign configurations, different tips and tricks that we have used with our customers to improve previous results, case studies of proud customers who want to tell the world that they are using EarlyParrot, latest updates from our development department and general news about EarlyParrot.

Stick around for bi-weekly (or so) short posts.