#ParrotInspires: How to pick the best referral marketing software

Are you about to start referral marketing? It is a very good choice, since providing a referral program allows you to incorporate satisfied customers into your marketing strategy. There is a reason why referrals are often called word of mouth marketing: people talk, and you gain potential customers. Essentially, it helps to increase conversions, revenue, customer retention rates, and many other business-related metrics, making it a helpful tool for any successful business.

The decision to choose the best referral marketing software at the start of your referral marketing journey is essential, as you may struggle without the proper tools. In order to make the best decision, you should consider all the pros and cons of each available option. Ultimately, every business decision must be supported by adequate research and analysis. 

Below you will find a few tips that will certainly help you select the right tool. What features should a good referral software have? Let’s find out!

Referral and affiliate marketing – what is the difference?

Many people get confused when it comes to these two types of marketing, so here is a quick comparison between referral and affiliate marketing to be sure that we are on the same page. It is important to understand the difference, since using affiliate program software for tracking referrals might not be the best idea.

To help clear it up in your head, below you can find the major differences between affiliate marketing and referral marking:

  • Referral marketing relies on happy customers and their relationships, while affiliate programs involve people with significant reach across the internet.
  • Affiliates are usually paid commission, whereas a free product that is typically gifted through a referral program would not be ideal for everyone.
  • An affiliate program is a business arrangement, so you usually need to provide a contract and both sides have to agree on the terms. With a marketing program for referrals, you only have to provide the terms of use and the client should always be able to unsubscribe from it at any time.
  • An affiliate marketing program is more product-oriented. In most cases, affiliates provide a product review or present a service, so affiliate links mostly lead to product pages. Referral marketing can be related to many activities, such as registering on a website or signing up for a newsletter.

There are a lot of similarities between the two types of marketing as well, but let’s focus on the differences for the moment in order to cover the referral marketing topic without any confusion. First, we’ll talk about referral software.

What is referral marketing software?

A referral marketing platform allows you to create a campaign, name it as you wish, and choose your goals for starters. Then you can establish the incentives, their targets for earning them, and design the communication through the channels you prefer. Finally, you can create referral links and invite your customers to join the program. That is how any referral program software works in a nutshell.

Referral campaigns should be analyzed, and there is no need for additional marketing tools if you can monitor performance and referral traffic constantly using referral marketing software. All of the best providers offer such options, so their tools are essential not only for the creation of referral marketing programs but also for monitoring them and optimizing their performance on the go.

Who would benefit from referral marketing?

There is no set list of industries that may profit more or less than others from a referral program. This solution is for everyone – eCommerce platforms, SaaS businesses, and many more. There are also no limits when it comes to market sectors – clothing, households products, car accessories, or computer software, etc. – anything can be recommended through referrals. The only common theme that applies is a desire to have a successful business and gain more customers. 

Referral marketing is an excellent option for starters, since programs can be implemented very cost-effectively. There is no need for a separate marketing team to implement the strategy nor for IT staff to install the software, so they can be done inexpensively by the business itself. The user base does not have to be huge, it will grow by people referring to others. With a successful referral program you can drive more traffic and increase customer lifetime value by up to 25%.

How to choose the best referral marketing software?

Let’s be honest; there is no ready-made checklist for every business. Each company has different needs, audiences, and preferences. However, there are some common points that will help you choose the best option from the wide range of referral marketing tools available today.

Easy integration

Referral marketing solutions should be easy to implement and integrate with all of the apps you already use on a daily basis, like your CRM and email marketing provider. Moreover, the referral platform should be compliant with your landing page, so keep this in mind when searching for your solution. For example, EarlyParrot can be integrated with most of the popular programs and platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and MailChimp. It’s important to remember that the more seamless experience you provide your users, the more likely they are to make successful referrals. Connecting your apps allows you to do this and help your business run like a well-oiled machine.

It would also be a nice bonus if your chosen referral marketing software supported email list building. That way, you would be able to take care of your communication with new and loyal customers. EarlyParrot can do this, of course. 

A wide range of referral rewards

Since incentives are your choice, you can decide whether your customers receive gift cards, free products, or discount coupons, just to name a few possibilities. 

However, there cannot be any limitations in your referral program. An important factor in determining the successfulness of a referral is the type of incentive

Users should be encouraged and intrigued enough to share links. It is your job to pick the best possible reward for your target audience. This aspect should offer as much variety as you can so that everyone will find something for themselves. This will support not only your marketing efforts but also improve the sales cycle

The types and amounts of referrals are crucial, so your referral software should allow you to set up various kinds. For example, a welcome gift for new clients should be different from a successful referral gift for current customers. Although a referral campaign is very similar to a loyalty program, they are not the same. Offering one type of reward, as loyalty programs do, will not work with customer referrals. You need to vary the types of your referrals and the corresponding rewards otherwise you may not run the most effective marketing campaign.

Time to try 

Most marketing tools offer free trials, and this is the case with referral marketing software as well. You need to try out any tool before you commit to purchasing it. For example, EarlyParrot offers a free demo that you can use as many times as you wish, with the number of campaigns being the only limitation. 

So, when searching for referral tools, you may want to focus on free trials. There are often catchy headlines like 14-day free trial! or first week for free on providers’ websites. Check out their offers and evaluate them. Based on your testing, you will be able to choose which one will be the best match for your referral marketing strategy.

Remember that during such a free trial, you need to test the tool inside out. Take advantage of the trial period! Use a referral widget and try its integrations, for instance, all to make the most of that referral marketing software solution. After you have completed your test, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your business needs, and this will result in greater profits in the future. 

Data safety

There is no need to mention that the security of data is a priority for any online activity. In order to provide an effective referral program, you need to take care of safety first. When choosing software, you have to be sure that all user data is protected. Moreover, referral marketing software should provide you with fraud detection to block suspicious emails or traffic on your marketing channels. If you operate on the EU market then your referral tool must be GDPR compliant too. 

The whole process has to be secure – from clicking a referral link to joining the program. Putting clients’ privacy and security first helps to build up trust and in your business. Nobody will recommend a company to a friend or family member if it is not regarded as being reliable.

Intuitive to use 

Sometimes providers overdo with business language and their design to seem professional, but that may not actually be the case for their service. From your point of view as a user, it is very important to see the next steps clearly and know what you should type into a given text box. 

Using an intuitive tool can help save time by eliminating the need for constant rechecking. 

EarlyParrot is one such tool that provides you with support and suggestions step by step as you develop your program. Additionally, this platform will not let you click the next button until you have entered all the necessary information. Besides that, branding is another one of its great features. All your communication pages and links can be easily customized, and EarlyParrot does not display its own logo anywhere so people will know that your brand is running the referral program. Additionally, you have the opportunity to import your existing customers to the client base and invite them to join your campaign very quickly and easily. You can do this by importing them via CSV and start the marketing process immediately!

EarlyParrot ticks all the boxes! 

This tool may have the solutions to all of your problems. It covers all of the aspects mentioned above and even more below:

  • seamless integration with most popular platforms and programs 
  • a free demo
  • fraud detection and GDPR compliance
  • intuitive and user-friendly dashboard
  • a wide range of referral options
  • support and tips throughout the program creation process
  • …and many more!

Maybe this tool is the one for you?

Choose your referral software!

We hope that by following this short yet comprehensive guide, you will be able to choose the best tool and create a campaign that caters to your customers’ needs. 

No matter if you run an eCommerce business, SaaS enterprise, or you are another service provider, a referral marketing campaign could be a gamechanger for you. But only with the right tools and some knowledge, of course. Our blog has many excellent articles, so take a look if you want to broaden your horizons on this topic!

ParrotInsider #5: How Early Parrot can boost your brand awareness?

Building brand awareness is imperative for your business in order for you to reach more potential clients. High brand recognition contributes to building a community and keeping customers loyal. It is important to stay active in the minds of your consumers to keep them coming back to you.

However, it can be difficult to build a brand that stands out in a crowded market. To achieve that, you will need a solid digital marketing strategy and the right focus on your target audience. We have some ideas about how to accomplish this. Below are some marketing tips you may find helpful for achieving the goal of increasing the recognition of your company.

Nonetheless, it is best to take one step at a time and begin with the concept of brand awareness. What does it mean, and why is it important?

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is crucial, no matter which industry your company operates in. In a nutshell, it stands for people’s ability to recognize your brand. The higher your brand awareness, the better results advertising and campaigns will achieve. Knowing your brand may encourage a lot of consumers to choose your company to fulfill their needs as the go-to option. As such, there is a great need to build a strong brand identity and become a top name in your industry.

This is also an essential aspect for both B2C and  B2B companies. More than 75% of B2B leaders admit that a strong brand is crucial for their growth plans. So no matter who your target is, it would be nice to stay in their minds for longer. 

Why is brand awareness important?

Reaching potential customers is not a piece of cake; countless businesses are fighting to reach a similar target audience. Keeping your brand at the forefront of people’s minds is the first and one of the most important stages of the marketing funnel. It is crucial for acquiring more clients and building a community.

Brand awareness campaigns support expanding your audience and help to search for the best strategies. There are plenty of digital marketing tactics that may come in handy with this matter. For starters, it would be good to focus on the type of content you publish and how you encourage people to visit your website. In such terms, referrals can be a huge support. They will help you to reach a broad audience and increase your engagement rate

How can a referral program boost brand awareness?

What can you do to use referral marketing for a brand engagement campaign? We are here to show you. But first things first, before you use a referral program to boost brand awareness, you should choose the best tool to do so. In our opinion, it is EarlyParrot, and we will explain to you why.

Making noise about your brand

Once you have created your campaign (with EarlyParrot, this can happen in the blink of an eye), you will be able to reach new customers. Thanks to offering incentives, your regular customers will be more willing to spread the word about your business and invite their friends or family to join your community. By using referral links, you will be able to track who is the best brand ambassador and maybe reward them even more than usual. 

Your customers can share their recommendations and links across social platforms and become part of your content marketing strategy. What you need to do is to design the messages for them to share. With EarlyParrot, you can create the content of each sharing page and message that your customers will publish. Think about valuable content that will have a major impact on the recipients and boost social engagement. You will see that social media users appreciate such content and visit your website as a result. 

Branding your communication

Speaking of communication, it should be clear as day which brand is behind this content. You need to focus on your visual brand identity. About 3/4 of customers recognize a brand via its logo. So put it in a visible place when creating a communication widget. Moreover, it is also important to brand your rewards. Once a new customer earns a gift for, e.g., registering to receive your newsletter, it should be clear who will send it. This will stick in their mind and place you one step closer to your ultimate goal, which is remaining in their memory. With EarlyParrot, you can add an image to each incentive, no matter if it is a welcome gift or a referral reward. Keep in mind the above and add your logo to the pictures of them. Visual content has a significant impact on increasing visual brand identity, so remember to brand all graphics or videos that you post too.

Taking care of your SEO efforts

One of the most crucial aspects of any content marketing strategy is SEO. It supports boosting conversion rate and keeping your position in search engine results high. When you hear SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is probably keywords. This is the right association, but it is also crucial when making blog posts or other pieces of content. When it comes to referral marketing, links matter the most. Add the name of your brand to referral links in order to boost brand awareness and support your SEO effort at the same time. If you take care of your SEO comprehensively, you will see the results – a high position in search engine results and branded referral links that are a claim to fame. 

Staying in touch with your clients

Keeping your customers in the loop allows them to feel a sense of community, and thus brand awareness to increase. Inform them about each change in the program or other general ones. It would also be great to provide customers with some valuable content like whitepapers, ebooks, or infographics. Help them expand their horizons. 

In this regard, list building is a crucial aspect to keep everything in order. EarlyParrot supports this process too. Once a given client registers on your site, they will receive an email with an invitation to join your referral program. By inviting each of your customers and informing them about upcoming or earned rewards you will keep them in the loop and expand your brand community, which is the main point of referrals. Plus, you can add some extras to these emails too. 

It is important to note that EarlyParrot supports most of the commonly used email marketing providers like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and AWeber, so it won’t be a problem to integrate this tool with your apps. 

What else can you do to build brand awareness? 

There are plenty of digital marketing strategies for boosting your company’s recognizability. But none of them will bring outstanding results by themself. To support your referral efforts, you need to use the synergy effect and choose which ones would work best together. We have some propositions.

Social media marketing 

Being present on social media allows you to stay in customers’ minds for longer. Let’s consider a situation when a client receives a referral link from a friend and visits your site, but isn’t convinced. As they scroll through Instagram, they notice your advertisement and are encouraged by quality content on your profile. Acquisition of a new lead would be the cherry on top if you handle it properly. Inspired by your Instagram content, the potential client may return to your site, use a referral link, and join your program. Doesn’t that sound promising?

Guest posting 

Be present on many channels and… websites. Make the most of the possibilities offered by guest posting. Promote your business on different sites and industry platforms by writing informative and interesting texts that refer to your business. Remember, however, that this should not be an intrusive promotion – you should gently suggest checking out your company or its products. Thanks to such occasional guest posts, you will have the opportunity to reach a larger group and acquire new customers. You can capitalize on the reach of the pages your posts are published on and catch their audiences’ attention. It’s a perfect solution.

There is one catch – the content must be valuable and high quality. It should be insightful and full of interesting facts or stats. Otherwise, hardly anyone will want to collaborate with you. It is also crucial to offer something in exchange, such as a post on your blog or backlink. The conditions depend on both parties, but do not forget that no business activity is one-sided. Ask and receive, that is the main rule. 

Affiliate marketing 

This kind of marketing is often confused with referral marketing, and although they act on similar principles they differ from each other quite significantly. Both are about recommendations, which in the case of affiliate marketing are made by affiliates, i.e. people who have gathered a large audience on social media. They recommend your product and provide affiliate links to followers, allowing them to purchase with, e.g., a 10% discount. The combination of these two recommendation channels may turn out to be very effective. For example, a customer sees a video on YouTube about your product but is not fully convinced. If a friend also makes the same recommendation, though, success is guaranteed.

It is worth using omnichannel marketing to increase brand awareness – you can increase revenue by as much as 23% by presenting your brand consistently across all platforms. In addition, too many channels and advertisements can cause readers to become overwhelmed, which is the exact opposite of what you want to accomplish. Therefore take care when deciding which channels and ads to ignore.

Over to you

Increasing brand awareness is a significant step towards building the appearance of your business. Remaining at the forefront of people’s minds by gaining their recommendations is a good way to stay relevant. But to have everything under control, you need a good strategy and  tools. One of them is EarlyParrot, and it will assist you from the first minutes of the installation process. 

Thanks to EarlyParrot, you will be able to use the full power of referrals and plan an entire omnichannel strategy too. Once you launch your referral program, this tool will handle the communication on your behalf and automate every process. Moreover, you will be able to track the performance of your program at any time. 

Thanks to such support, you will have more time to take care of other strategic aspects and plan, e.g., collaboration with affiliates or social media posts.

Ready to boost your brand awareness?

Referral program 101

It is common for people to recommend things to each other. It is good to hear a bit of advice from a reliable friend, especially if there is a serious dilemma. Why not make the most of this habit?

Referral marketing is a solution where you take advantage of people’s tendency to share their experiences or opinions with others. Customer referrals can bring many new clients and expand your customer base. Moreover, referral marketing campaigns are very easy to create and relatively low-cost. Below you can find out about the basics of referral marketing – what it is, how it works, and how to create a referral marketing program. You will also find here some examples of industries where the power of referral has the most potential. Shall we start?

What is referral marketing?

Some people call referral marketing word-of-mouth marketing since people are encouraged to spread the word about your product or service. A good referral marketing strategy is fundamental to make the most of your campaign. 

The referral mechanism is about building a network of loyal customers and encouraging them to share good reviews about you with their friends and referral links at the same time. What is a referral link? It could be a unique URL or code that every current customer who has joined your program has. They can share it with their friends or family, and once those potential customers use the referral links both parties can earn rewards. These may be discount coupons or free products, for example. The referral terms are up to the business provider. 

How does this form of marketing help your business? A successful referral can bring you many new customers, lower customer acquisition costs, and expand brand awareness. Referrals can bring a 30% higher conversion rate than other marketing channels. They can also increase customer loyalty, since participating in such a program gives a sense of belonging.

It is important to add that a referral marketing program is a great option for both B2C and B2B companies.

What does a successful referral mean?

To perceive a given client as a successful referral, there are a few rules to follow. First, your regular customer has to share a link; otherwise, there is no proof of them making a recommendation. The referral marketing software needs to follow this link and monitor its performance. Secondly, the link has to be used, which means a potential customer has to visit your website via it and take the desired action, e.g., make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter. Your referral link may be a direct link to the registered site or the shopping cart, it is up to you. Wherever the link leads, it should be clearly stated in the communication, since nobody wants to click on a link with no clear destination.

Also, it is essential to mention that a successful referral does not always mean a reward for both sides or either. There are various types of referral marketing programs and incentives models. You can choose:

  • One-sided –  one person is rewarded. The gifted side could be either your existing client or the new one who came via link. Rewarding the former will make them more motivated and possibly result in more referrals. Rewarding the new customer will increase the chance that they finish the transaction and come back for more in the future. Nevertheless, such customers might not generate as many referrals as loyal ones.
  • Two-sided – both sides are rewarded. Since you reward both the referrer and the new client, this type of incentive will undoubtedly attract the most customers. You can choose the same type of referral reward for both parties or vary this aspect as well, it is all up to you. Needless to say that motivating your clients in this way will earn you more recommendations and solidify your bonds with clients, as well as increase their loyalty.
  • There is also the option of no reward, but its effectiveness is doubtful. Though people rarely devote their time completely unselfishly, this does not mean it will not happen every now and then. You can also set a target of, for example, three successful referrals to earn the reward, but it is hard to predict whether people would be willing to participate this way. As you might assume, this model will not drastically increase your brand awareness or gain you many new customers.

What is a referral program?

Loyalty programs and referral programs are similar in many ways. Every user of your website can join them. In the case of referrals, you should establish incentives and highlight a signup option on your site or send it via email to encourage them. 

Suppose you run an eCommerce business. Once your happy customers do some shopping, they will receive a link to share with others. If they share it with friends who use the link, both your customers and friends can receive gifts. To create such a campaign, you would need a referral marketing software solution. For this we have a recommendation – EarlyParrot!

How to create a referral program – a step by step guide

Once you choose the referral program software, there are few things to do next. Before you click to create a new program, you need to think about a few aspects. First, establish who your target audience is. Then consider what type of incentive you want to offer, whether it should be a discount for your services or maybe a free product?

After such preparation, you can get down to business and start building your referral campaign. We will guide you through the process using EarlyParrot as an example.

Step one: the goal and incentives

So first you need to establish your goal. There are various options depending on the industry you operate in. Then you should focus on your referral incentives system and decide the type of them – whether they will be referral or welcome ones. You can set as many as you need. What you should do next is describe the incentive in detail and you even add an image. 

Step two: invitations

To let people know about your program you need to tell them about it. How to do so? Using social media sites would be the best option. You customers can share the news with their friends and build a social network. What is your role here? To make this social share positive, type the message they can publish. It would be easier for your users to just click a share button than design their own messages. EarlyParrot offers most of the popular options such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Step three: communication

Referral campaigns should start with your loyal clients, so make an email list and tell them the news. What about email campaigns? They can be useful for making some noise about your program. You may want to create one campaign to invite guests and another one as a reaction to their participation. EarlyParrot allows you to design the messages from scratch with templates that vary depending on the email types. It is also a good idea to spread the word about your customer referral program by adding some positive reviews from your clients. This would be an additional incentive and make you seem more reliable.

Step four: the referral widget

The referral process should include designing referral widgets. A widget can be designed according to the type of share page. EarlyParrot offers many sharing options, so you are obliged to develop sections like reward widgets or activity widgets. Through these share pages, your customers will be able to spread a positive experience about your business, so each referral widget should be designed carefully.

Step five: integrations

It is a crucial aspect of making your word of mouth marketing useful. You need to integrate the software with your landing page and the platforms you use daily. Early Parrot has a wide range of available integrations, so we are almost sure you will be able to find yours here. It does not require a huge effort, just find the program and EarlyParrot will guide you through the process. It won’t take you longer than 15 minutes.

Step six: campaign monitoring

Tracking your program’s key metrics is crucial for making it successful. You have to know what’s working and what’s not. By having such information, you will be able to adjust the campaign accordingly. 

As a recap of this short guide, it is worth mentioning that the whole referral process is automated. EarlyParrot automatically detects whether new customers buy your products via recommendations from friends or if they come from organic traffic. You can make any adjustments as you need, since thanks to the dashboard you have access to each of your campaigns at any time.

Which industries can make the most of referrals?

Referral marketing is a form of marketing that can be very effective for basically any industry. Additionally, many B2B tech companies admit that referrals from their loyal customers have been one of the most effective tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Few industries benefit more from referrals than others, but it is all determined by their types of consumers.

  • For example, it is relatively easy for eCommerce sites to encourage people to be active participants in a referral program, especially if they sell FMCGs, clothes, or accessories. Rewards like discount codes from such industries are more likely to be used and redeemed by clients who often shop for those kinds of goods.   
  • But on the other hand, when it comes to more significant expenses, people like to ask for advice and buy from a reliable source. When a discount comes along with that recommendation, it is even better. Such industries like SaaS or tech services can also benefit from referral marketing programs.
  • Niche industries can profit a little more than others. Such businesses do not experience huge popularity, at least at the very beginning, which is why referral marketing comes in handy. No matter how many clients a company has, they can all recommend it to their friends. This is exactly how referral marketing works. The word is spread, and the popularity increases.

It is important to say that referral strategies work not only for products but services as well. There is plenty of proof of this, including the following examples of companies. So what are the most popular referral program examples?

  1. Clubhouse, the latest flavor of the month. Its popularity grew beyond anybody’s expectations. All thanks to a sense of inclusivity and referrals!
  2. Uber, one of the most popular referral programs. It operates in many countries, and referrals allow the app to expand its reach.  
  3. Credit Agricole is just one example of how the banking industry uses referral channels to say thank you to devoted customers and reach new ones.
  4. PayPal runs a referral campaign, too. This is another example of a financial app using the power of recommendation.s 
  5. …and many more. Here is an article about referral programs provided by some key players, feel free to dive in.

From a customer’s perspective, a well-designed program may be a great opportunity to find new providers and save some money. According to MediaVenue, such recommendations work better than TV advertising for almost half of all Millenials. This means that referral channels really work!

How to provide a successful referral program

There is no ready-made recipe for running an effective referral program. Each business manages these issues differently, but we can provide some guidelines that may become handy.

  • Focus on the user – they should be your reference point. Step into the customer’s shoes for a minute and consider which type of reward would be the best for increasing their satisfaction. A deep understanding of your target market would make your sales efforts efficient and allow you to see all the benefits of referral marketing at its finest. What else should you do to keep your happy customers around and willing to share links?
  • Keep your online reviews visible. They are a powerful form of social proof, which makes your brand seem more reliable. Even if one negative review appears, do not worry. This indicates that real people use your products; you can’t please everyone no matter how much you want to. Highlight positive reviews on your website, and present some comments from social media platforms. This will encourage potential customers to purchase or do another desired action. The more social proof, the better.
  • Use referral marketing as part of your whole digital marketing strategy. Create a synergy effect with social media marketing or email campaigns to make a buzz about the entire business. Compare your referral program with a loyalty program and send invitations to the whole user base. Make your strategy a comprehensive whole.

If you are interested in more pieces of advice, feel free to read this article. You will find more ways to make the most of referrals with almost minimal effort here.

Ready, set, refer!

Creating a referral program is not rocket science, but it remains some effort. Hopefully, with our guidelines, you now know what it is, how to use this tactic wisely, and what to do to benefit from this strategy.

We have shown you referral marketing in a nutshell, and it should be a good place to start with a referral campaign. Feel free to share this piece with your marketer friends and come back any time you have any doubts about your campaign!

How to promote your SaaS business in 2021?

Over the past few years, the SaaS industry has experienced massive growth. This sector is predicted to reach a total value of $623 billion by 2023, which is a huge increase compared to its 2018 total value of $270 billion. 

As a matter of fact, the market is getting a little bit crowded, so it is becoming harder to reach your target audience and make a successful sales pitch. Moreover, it is more challenging to present SaaS products than physical ones, which is why it can sometimes be tough to find the right way to promote them properly.

No worries though, as we have come up with some ideas for marketing strategies that will help you improve conversion rates, drive traffic to your website, and simply make your potential customers more curious about your brand.

What is SaaS?

To design a proper strategy, it is a good idea to first step back and think about the core of your products. SaaS stands for software as a service. In this distribution model, a cloud provider hosts apps on their systems and makes them accessible over the Internet to end-users. Under this model, a third-party cloud provider will host an application on behalf of an independent software vendor (ISV). Cloud providers are often also software vendors in large companies.

It is also wise to take a closer look at giants in your industry and how they cope with promotion. Some SaaS kings are Microsoft, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Slack. 

Now you have gone back to your roots, it is time to focus on those marketing tactics that might be very useful when promoting your SaaS solutions to your existing and potential customers.

Top SaaS marketing strategies for 2021

It is high time to get to the point: how to promote your SaaS effectively in 2021.

Let’s collaborate

Co-marketing could hit the bull’s eye. This iis when two or more brands cooperate with each other to promote an event, special offer, or other type of content. Such cooperation allows you to expand horizons and reach a larger group of recipients. You can work with other SaaS companies, stores, service providers, or non-profit organizations. If the cooperation has a coherent overtone and makes perfect sense in the eyes of recipients, there are no limits to who you should work with. A contradictory example would be the case of cooperation between athletes and sweets manufacturers, as the images of these entities are not consistent and so they make such collaborations unreliable. Ensure yours are the opposite. By combining strength with a company that works in a similar area, you can profit not only from reach but also  knowledge and market experience.

Make your customers your partners 

Once you have a happy customer, go with the flow and encourage them to share a good opinion about your product. To persuade them to do so, you need to design a referral program for your users. Moreover, this will also support customer retention and speed up the growth of your customer base. But enough theory, let’s make it happen.

First, choose a referral marketing software solution. EarlyParrot is a very handy, powerful, and user-friendly tool that supports all communication with your clients. First choose the goal of your program, focus on the right incentives, and create your communication – share pages and emails, etc. After launching your program, you can follow its performance from the tool’s dashboard.

Referral marketing is about sharing. Your happy customers will spread the word about your brand by recommending you to people they know and sharing referral links at the same time. The use of these links or codes can be profitable for both sides of a referral – the referee and the referrer – the terms are up to you.

EarlyParrot automatically detects which new users came via referral links and sends rewards accordingly. Such automation makes this type of marketing strategy effortless.

Use the power of video marketing 

Video marketing is the next solution that could turn your advertising into special. But before you launch your short film clip, you need to take care of the following aspects and questions:

  • What type of video content should it be – for example, product demos, customer reviews, or educational content?
  • Should it be a series of short clips or one long video?
  • You need to write (or employ someone to do it) a proper script.
  • It’s essential to hire professionals for your video production – video crew, actors, makeup artists, etc. Only this way can you be sure of decent results.

Video marketing can make up a significant part of your whole content marketing strategy. It should go hand in hand with email marketing, blog posts, or social media marketing efforts as part of a coherent overall strategy that provides a great customer experience for each of your customers.

Focus on your pricing strategy

Price matters no matter on which market you operate. This means that you need to be extremely detailed about what your customers are paying for. However, it is a little bit harder to explain the price of a digital solution than a physical one.

When it comes to providing your pricing, first you need to put it in a highly visible place on your website. Then you need to give your customers the ability to choose. Suppose you offer three paid plans, then be very conscientious. Present the prices, included features, and durations. Providing details of all plans comparatively lets your prospective customers choose the best option for them with clarity. If you offer free trials, do not forget to mention it next to each plan.

You should also strive to offer tailored plans for each client. You should be able to understand their specific needs and cater to them, so be sure to allow potential customers to set up a meeting with you and develop a personalized strategy.

Moreover, remember that the prices include not only features, but also post-purchase services such as 24/7 customer service, guarantees, and product-related webinars, etc. Highlight this in your communication.

Provide some data-driven actions

The information your current customers share with you has a significant impact on your business. By having this data, you can organize all of your SaaS marketing activities better, which in turn allows you to lower customer churn, increase the average customer lifespan, and engage clients more in the sales cycle.

If you have email addresses, use them to send relevant content like white papers or online event invitations. Your loyal customers will also appreciate receiving notifications about upcoming product premieres or sales. This also applies to B2B companies. If you have worked with them for a while, you should know what they are up to and what types of solutions they may need. So prepare them a special offer with your new offerings and provide a great user experience!

Use the power of Google

Organic traffic is important for your business. You need to make yourself visible on search engines and let people find out about you for themselves.

Organic search traffic can make the customer acquisition process less expensive and more efficient. To use the full power of Google, focus on the content you share – social media posts included. It is also crucial to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to online reviews. When people type a brand into the Google search engine, 57% of them read the reviews that appear. Take a closer look at all SEO rules. Apply them, and get a rank tracking software to measure the impact. If you do not feel comfortable with this topic, there are a lot of marketing tools to help with this matter.

Implement native advertising

Nowadays, it is hard to make use of digital ads. Most Internet users have ad-blocking plugins or simply close them as soon as they pop up. And here, native advertising comes in handy.

How does it work? A native ad is a kind of marketing that is an integral part of the website’s style. The promotion is integrated so perfectly into the layout that, at first glance, users may not even realize that it is an advertisement. Examples of native ads are, for example, sponsored posts on blogs or social media platforms.

Do native ads work? Here is some evidence:

  • Trust in native recommendations is 27% higher than in social advertising.
  • By the end of this year, spending on native advertising in the US is projected to reach $57 billion, which means an annual increase of 21%.
  • Native ads engage consumers 20-60% more than banner ads.

Sometimes less is more, which is why promoting is often better when it is done in a subtle way, especially in the case of the customer experience.

Take care of the mobile experience

The average Millennial spends about 3.7 hours per day on their mobile, and generation X only a little bit shorter time of 3 hours. These numbers demonstrate that mobiles are a big part of our lives. So if you have not already done so, it would be wise for you to make your website mobile friendly. Although you don’t need to redesign your SaaS solution to be a mobile app right now, it might be a good idea to do so for future products.

Even if customers do not purchase your products often via mobiles, they may still use them to take a look at your offer and check the features or pricing. If your site is unresponsive, they will probably give up and continue to search for other providers. Additionally, a poor mobile experience might be interpreted as unprofessional – since your site does not work, why should users trust you that your product will? It will not encourage people to explore your brand or pay for your products, and, consequently, it will increase your bounce rate.

Focus on creating a responsive design, simple navigation, and site architecture. It should be easy to find whatever the client is looking for. Additionally, search engines on your webpage should work seamlessly and show appropriate results.

The site must also respond quickly and without any lags. Its capacity must be tested, especially before sales seasons like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

To recap

SaaS marketing isn’t a piece of cake. It can be hard to promote your products effectively enough and provide a high-quality customer experience in order to improve client retention. Above, you can find some marketing trends that may be helpful for working on your advertising strategies. They are not rocket science, and you won’t need separate marketing teams to manage these tasks.

Focus on providing high-quality content and general customer relationship management. Rethink your marketing funnel and maybe choose a few of the ideas above to design a unique, comprehensive solution to make your SaaS grow.

#ParrotInspires: 5 referral marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Referral marketing is a great opportunity for new businesses since it is relatively easy to implement and manage. This marketing method is also a great way to increase brand awareness and acquire new customers and their trust. Starting a referral program is fairly simple, but how to maintain a high level of results? Falling into a routine and making mistakes that limit performance is an easy trap to fall into. There are a few game-changing business tips to help avoid these mistakes in your referral marketing strategy, and we continually point them out on the EarlyParrot blog.

So what are those common referral marketing mistakes?

Mistakes are a human thing and everybody makes them, even business owners. There are some common referral marketing mistakes that are made frequently despite many warnings and red flags. However, being aware of these mistakes, it will be much easier to totally avoid them or create a plan B to overcome them.

In this article, we’ve listed the most common referral marketing mistakes that are typical for the industry. We not only point out why they are mistakes, but also show you how to avoid them or reduce their impact after they have occurred. 

The most common referral marketing mistakes 

Successful referral marketing can take a huge burden off the shoulders of your overall marketing strategy as it may generate revenue at low-cost, as well as increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. And that means profit!

Referral marketing mistakes are potholes that you don’t need on your journey. They are often avoidable, but getting in one can cause a lot of unwanted trouble.

So what are the most commonly made referral marketing mistakes that may damage your marketing strategy and brand reputation?

#1 Choosing inadequate referral marketing software

If you don’t find the right tool, your referral marketing efforts may actually be a waste of time. If your referral software is unintuitive or, worse, unable to integrate with the platforms you are already using, it can be hard to get the best out of your referral marketing efforts. How to choose the best software? We can get you started with our recommendation: EarlyParrot. Our tool can be easily integrated with your website as it works with WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. If you run an eCommerce store, EarlyParrot offers a lot of features to jumpstart and grow your business. It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse by tracking your referral networks’ performance. Running an international business? EarlyParrot supports various languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, and Italian.

You can easily install our tool within 15 minutes and connect it to your current customer base. Additionally, its extensive API allows you to plug your campaign into various platforms that you use on a daily basis. Referral marketing can become a part of your online marketing strategy in a minute!

Sign up for free!

If you are worried about creating programs, don’t be! This tool will guide you through the whole process, step by step. There is a checklist you need to cross off before you press “start”, so you can be sure that your referral program will be well-polished before it launches. There is no option that you will launch the program without e.g. chosen incentive. If you are about to expand your email list, you can do this with EarlyParrot too. The process is as easy as installing the software.

What is also great about this tool is that you can customize all client-facing pages without them featuring any EarlyParrot branding. Customization makes your services appear to be more professional and welcoming.

#2 Taking action in a hurry

Rushing is the worst enemy of most marketing tactics and ideas. To fulfill the potential of any marketing strategy, including referrals, you need a well-thought-out plan. To avoid this referral marketing mistake, you need to put your tactics in perspective.

If you are just starting out you may not have many regular customers, so you might think it’s not worth investing in a referral program since there aren’t enough existing clients to recommend your business.

However, even just a few loyal customers making referrals can create a snowball effect that brings many benefits including, more clients, more sold products and buzz around your brand.

There are many approaches you can take. One of them is to rely solely on a referral program, hoping for existing and happy customers to bring new ones. Another method is to employ affiliate marketers who will refer new clients to your business for a commission fee. You can combine both tactics; affiliate marketing plus referrals can give you amazing effects. Linking influencers’ efforts with your own brand ambassadors, who are distinguished clients from your database sound like quality traffic sources.

Whatever you decide, just don’t do it in a rush.

#3 Ignoring testing

To make sure that your digital marketing plan actually works, you need to incorporate testing into your strategy. The story with referral marketing journey is no different: there are countless methods and configurations that you may want to test out.

One of the biggest referral marketing mistakes is to neglect the potential of testing. You can split or A/B test your communication, message, referral reward and CTA, for example, then analyze the results and improve your strategy accordingly.

While the sky’s the limit for testing, here are a few handy ideas you to consider:

  • Check website analytics tools and heatmap generators to identify bottlenecks on your website, elements that draw attention, and parts of your offer/program that might be off-putting.
  • Use email marketing and send a survey to your clients asking them for feedback about your referral program.
  • Test a few versions of your promotional landing pages or campaigns on social media.
  • Identify clients via specific data, such as brand sentiment, in terms of potential brand ambassadors and test their impact/results.

Testing isn’t a one-off activity, it’s a process that needs to be continually repeated. The insights you gain one day may not be relevant the next. Everything evolves!

#4 Not improving the customer experience

The customer experience can be make or break for your referral program. And not caring about constant improvements in this area will only lead to making one of the most crucial referral marketing mistakes. And we’re talking here about both website and mobile optimization.

Some data to back it up? Over half of all people using mobiles to visit websites abandon them if they do not load within 3 seconds. And they may not only end their visit, but they will more than likely never recommend your services further. 

No one will recommend a highly unresponsive site to a friend. Imagine that a potential client visits your site, but it does not open immediately or freezes. In the event of such a scenario, it is understandable that the user may choose to not make a purchase or join a referral program and make a recommendation about it.

What do you need to pay attention to? First of all, what your website must be intuitive and easy-to-use for the client, including the landing page architecture, social media communication, and email content. Even a single, non-working cog of the whole machine may ruin the entire program.

You must define the rules clearly and indicate where your customers can sign up for your referral campaign. The process itself can’t be difficult or users might abandon it halfway through. Don’t ask for too much data at first. Over time, as loyalty builds, you can ask for further information and preferences via surveys.

If you provide an app, the same rules apply. The interface should be intuitive, with no bugs, lagging, or freezes. Also, the opportunity to sign up for your referral marketing program should be properly displayed, perhaps by a pop-up that appears after launching the app. Remember that the app should be available on both iOS and Android, even though the exclusivity of Clubhouse goes against the grain here.

#5 Not including a timeline

At the very beginning of a campaign, you need to determine how long the program will last for. You should also state whether it applies to all products, or only certain limited services, for example. What’s more, referral links should also have a specific validity date, e.g. “share this link with your friends and if they sign up via your referral within 10 days, both of you will receive gift cards”

Do you remember getting sent some countdown offers and time-bound promotional codes? This is how it works: if the time allowed to claim a benefit is limited, you will probably be more encouraged to actually take the desired action.

That’s why you should tell clients how long they have to share their links, invite friends and earn rewards. If there are different rules depending on the number of referrals or time taken (e.g. better rewards in the first 2 weeks) let them know about that too. It’s also important to send reminders at the end of a campaign to clearly indicate how much time is left. Speaking of time, another more crucial issue is that it can take a while to make referrals, encourage others, and confirm purchases. Setting up a promotional timeline helps you eliminate this referral marketing mistake of not informing both your regular and potential customers about how long they have.

Be aware and stop committing these common mistakes

An awareness of existing referral marketing mistakes is half the battle to avoid them. With this knowledge, you can keep your eyes wide open and react quickly.

To run a referral marketing campaign that will succeed, you have to analyze your strategy, determine what you actually want to achieve, calculate the available budget, and set a suitable time period for the promotion. Implementation of all these elements can take some time, but do not give up. If any problems arise, there are always ways to overcome them. Taking a look at this article every time you encounter a bump on the road will support your management with the above tips. Look at your program through the prism of the referral marketing mistakes listed above, and if they apply to your business, you know what to do!

ParrotInsider #4: How can EarlyParrot support SaaS?

The SaaS industry is a demanding one. In order to promote your products successfully you need to attract potential customers and stay step further ahead of your competitors. Moreover, you need clients to stay with you for a while and spend some money on your solutions. It is not a piece of cake.

Additionally, it is not so easy to create a marketing campaign about SaaS products. Digital products are harder to promote than physical ones since you can’t show customers how beautiful they are or encourage them to choose from a large variety of designs, for example. It is hard to present why the product should be chosen by potential customers when they want to see visual proof. 

People talking about your product provides similar evidence for digital products. In this case, what can you do to make a buzz about your SaaS? One way is referral marketing, or to be more precise, creating a referral program with EarlyParrot.

Let’s start from scratch, what are the benefits of referral marketing for SaaS businesses?

Why is it worth starting a referral program in the SaaS industry?

The following reasons should convince you to set up a referral program for your customers. As a SaaS business you need to take care of your leads; they should have a long lifetime value and be high quality in order to deliver you some results. What are some reasons to fall in love with referral marketing if you run a SaaS business? Does the referral process give you qualified leads and increase revenue? Let’s find out!

Greater customer lifetime value and lead quality

As we mentioned, customer lifetime value matters across all industries, but in the SaaS field it is even more important. When it comes to referral customers, they have up to 16 times longer lifetime value. This means they stay with you longer, trust you, and spend more money on your solutions. Moreover, thanks to a referral strategy, your churn rate may decrease too. Doesn’t that sound promising?

In addition, as a SaaS, you need to build an audience of qualified and knowledgeable people who will be able to use your solution, as well as people who are familiar with the challenges it can solve. All the boxes will be checked when using referral marketing – your clients spread the word about you to their friends in the industry, which means they will be knowledgeable about the field and have experience in the area.

People are more likely to trust referrals from known people than strangers

This is always one of the first advantages stated about referral marketing. No surprise, since it is a very important aspect and the main power of referrals.  Advice from your friends is probably worth more than that from influencers, as you can probably say from your own experience. After all, our close ones are close for a reason. They are reliable, and that is one of their big plus points. When it comes to referrals, the same applies. If clients have doubts about what to buy, they may ask their friends. If they recommend your site and share a referral link too, it’s mission accomplished. You will probably gain new, loyal customers this way, provided you meet their expectations and deliver a great user experience.

It decreases costs

Referral marketing is relatively low cost. The price of the software shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket, plus it can help with lowering other expenses like customer acquisition costs. Referral links can bring you a 25% higher profit margin. As one of the cheapest distribution channels, it can be said that referrals marketing is highly reliable. Moreover, it does not require big investments in resources either. No need for an IT team or a bunch of marketing people, you can do it yourself provided you choose the right software to support you. What’s more, creating campaigns is also a very easy process that doesn’t require much time. 

Referrals build brand awareness

Generating a buzz around your brand might get you some fame. Riding a wave of popularity can build your brand positioning in many people’s minds. Moreover, you may become the go-to solution when a given company hits bumps on the road. Needless to say the more people who know about your brand, the more will be curious about your solution and test out a free trial and/or buy your product.

Great examples (click here for more) of such buzz are Uber’s referral program and the latest flavour of the month, Clubhouse. People were curious about the latter, and its popularity went wild recently, with everybody talking about it and asking for referral links.

Referral marketing software – why choose EarlyParrot?

You might ask yourself why it is so important to choose the right referral software. Well, without a good tool you won’t be able to achieve any of the above results, at least not on a large scale. What criteria should the best software solutions meet?

  • Implementing and integrating it with other apps/programs should be easy.
  • It has to be simple to create a referral program and track its performance.
  • This should make it easy for you to follow the analytics of your programs.
  • You must be able to customize your campaigns as much as you wish.

And we have some great news – EarlyParrot meets all of the above requirements!

So now it is time to show you how to use EarlyParrot to its fullest potential. Let’s start from the beginning – the installation process.  

#1 It takes up to 15 minutes to install

EarlyParrot is so user-friendly that it will guide you through the installation process step-by-step. You don’t need to have an IT degree to install it, as the tool will advise what to clink and when. Moreover, the whole process only takes up to 15 minutes, so there is no long-term plan or implementation strategy needed. 

#2 Creating a referral marketing campaign is quick and easy 

Once the software is installed, you should focus on creating your referral marketing campaign. You need to start by establishing your goal, which for most SaaS businesses is simply generating more sign-ups.

Now it’s time to click next and start your campaign. The first step here is choosing a reward system. You have three options to choose from: Reward Unlocking, Top Influencer, or Fast Lane. Once you choose the system, it is high to establish the rewards themselves. Think about what would work best for you – cash incentives, free gifts, extended free trials, or perhaps something else?

EarlyParrot allows you to name your reward, establish a target, and choose whether it will be a welcome gift or a referral one. In other words, take care of your reward structure. Moreover, you can even upload an image of the reward. No worries if you are creating your first campaign. An explanation appears on each text box when the pointer hovers over it to help you decide what to type into each one. What’s more, this referral program software will not let you hit next until you complete all of the required fields.

In this step, you can also design a unique coupon code to be sent with a referral reward email. Small things that matter!

#3 EarlyParrot handles communication on your behalf

Communication is an essential factor when it comes to building relationships with your customers and improving the user experience. Thanks to EarlyParrot you have it covered! What’s the plan? Start by writing the content of invitations.

The first step is to invite people, so you need to design messages and their content for customers to be able to share across social media channels. You have Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to choose from, as well as messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, and Telegram.

Speaking of invitations, you should invite people from your customer base to join your referral marketing program, and it is very easy to do so. You can import your existing customers via CSV. Such a massive injection of participants will allow you to hit the ground running with your customer referral program.

However, let’s return to your communication. You can design emails too. First, fill in the “From field”, i.e. your name and email address. Then you can choose email templates and triggers. There are various options depending on the type of email you want to send. Once you choose the template you can go to the next step.

The most crucial aspect when it comes to sharing pages is their design. You can set how sharing widgets will look for your referral program participants. Also, sharing widget activity and the appearance of reward widgets can be customized according to your taste.

In keeping with the sharing topic, referral links can be branded. This will be a great boost for your SEO efforts, and may also help improve brand awareness. 

#4 The analytical aspects of your campaign are not a secret anymore

EarlyParrot’s dashboards allow you to get a quick overview of each of your campaigns. Additionally, you can edit them any time you log in to the platform.

It is possible to track the number of invites sent out, shares on social media, conversion rate, and more crucial indicators. Since there is no ready-made recipe for working together with people, it is important to follow such KPIs. The program needs to be adapted to continuously changing market needs and preferences. Monitoring such measures helps also with arranging or redesigning your referral marketing strategy.

As a recap, to run a successful referral program you should focus on analyzing your referral model and providing some tests from time to time. Only this way will you be able to stay up to date with market trends. And EarlyParrot is on duty!

Over to you

There may be a perception that referral marketing is timeless, even though online marketing trends change all the time. Recommendations from friends will always be precious, and that goes for SaaS companies too. In this industry, more money is involved than the consumer market, which means the risks are greater. So good advice from a reliable source is even more valuable for SaaS businesses.

We hope that after reading this article you will be curious about referral marketing and want to give it a try with EarlyParrot. It could drive you increased traffic and help with decreasing costs. If you want to dive into the topic even deeper by reading more about starting your own referral marketing program, feel free to check out this article.

How to make the most of referral marketing?

If you are a business owner running a new marketing strategy for your company you may be interested in a referral marketing idea. We have provided some guidelines for starters that you may be interested in. But if you’re already running or just preparing to launch a program and you are wondering what are the benefits of a referral marketing campaign and how to make the most of it, you’re in the right place.

As you probably already know, referrals are a great way to boost your business. About 90% of people trust recommendations from sources they know, like a friend or family, so it would be beneficial if your users talked positively about you. After all, this form of marketing is often called word of mouth marketing. How to make the most of it?

Right now it’s not so easy to stand out in a crowded market of providers who are trying to outdo each other with their marketing ideas. So it’s definitely hard to draw customers’ attention and get them talking about your brand, but it’s not impossible either. With our tips, you’ll be able to pique users’ interest and make some noise about your brand. In other words, you’ll be able to make the most of your new or existing customer referral program. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to build long term relationships with your clients, expand your customer base, solidify your brand’s market position and increase loyalty among the users.

Ready to learn a great dose of practical knowledge?

Why is it good to have a referral program? 

Thanks to implementing a refer a friend program into your marketing strategy, you can make a huge difference to your conversions and sales. What’s also a big plus is that satisfied customers who come to you thanks to referral campaigns will have a longer lifetime value than those who don’t. In fact, this piece of research found that the CLV for new referral customers is 16% higher than non-referral ones. It allows you to expand your customer base. No need to mention that your brand awareness would be sky-high with such a program then.

When it comes to the numbers, higher revenue and ROI (return on investment) are simple facts. Just take a closer look at the Dropbox famous referral program: thanks to referrals they could have chosen to decrease marketing costs to practically zero. Moreover, there are many examples of successful referral programs that have brought countless profits to the companies, such as Uber, Google and Amazon Prime, just to mention a few. At the same time, it is worth keeping in mind that a successful referral marketing program doesn’t mean a huge investment. Comparing to other marketing channels or forms of advertising, its costs are very low.

So the question here is: what should you do to follow their success?

Put your customers first

In order for your customers to start sharing positive opinions about your company, you must meet certain conditions. First, you need to treat customers well enough for them to be 100% satisfied. Otherwise, the opinions they share may instead turn out to be negative ones. Second, remember to provide the best quality of services or products that you possibly can. Customer service and the response times to resolving any issues are also important. Anyone can make a mistake, so what’s important is to react quickly and compensate for any damage.

As you already know, communication with customers is crucial. Not only via your customer service or subscription newsletter, but also the content of your website. If its appearance doesn’t encourage potential customers to stay, then why would someone recommend you? Use colors that are neither too bright nor too bland, so the text doesn’t blend into the background. Next, it’s all about functionality: a visibly placed menu with logical and clear texture categories. It’s also crucial to have a built-in search engine that is easy to find and works properly since customers might often visit your website to find a particular product.

What’s more, the descriptions and photos of the products themselves should be made professionally: high resolution presenting the products in all their glory, and descriptions that provide real value without being overly long. They should only contain the most important information and technical aspects of the products.

Set the rewards list

If you know your target audience well then you should know what will most encourage them to participate in your program. You can vary the type of referral rewards depending on the thresholds reached by referrers, and the incentive for the new customer should also be different. It’s best to encourage a customer who is getting to know your brand in a different way to one who has been with you for quite some time. For new customers, free stuff for orders – e.g. a bunch of samples of your bestsellers or travel-size testers – would be a good choice. The rewards might also include free ebooks demonstrating how to make the most of your products, or standard referral discounts codes – after all, everyone likes to save money.

For current customers, as you might expect, cash reward also comes into play. A good option would be for them to collect points, a greater number of which can be exchanged for prizes of increasing value. This would be an extra incentive. In this way, everyone will be able to decide for themselves what they will find most useful. Variety is a good solution when it comes to types of referrals and their rewards.

It’s vitally important that you contact users when they are most convinced about your brand, i.e. right after shopping or setting up an account. Whether they reached your site directly or via a referral link, you should invite them to join your refer a friend program. The more, the merrier, right?

Choose seamless referral program software

The tools you use are crucial to getting 100% out of your work. This rule applies to most activities, including marketing. So how do you choose the best referral platform? Check out EarlyParrot. In order for your plan to run well, your referral program software should be easily integrate with other platforms and tools you use. EarlyParrot has a very long list of available integrations from WordPress, through Shopify, to MailChimp. Moreover, if you do not find your platform on this list then you can contact an EarlyParrot rep who will try to find a solution.

Moreover, the installation process should not be an Enigma. With EarlyParrot, it definitely isn’t, as the whole easy and intuitive process takes less than 15 minutes without any IT knowledge required. Once installed, you can integrate EarlyParrot with your landing page and start creating an effective referral program.

This doesn’t take long either, but you must be clear about what you want to achieve, what incentive you wish to set, and who you wish to reward. Each step is clearly defined, and the referral software won’t let you publish an unfinished program. It checks whether everything is fine and highlights any aspects that need improvement before letting you go live.

What’s more, EarlyParrot supports the whole communication across various channels. You can set up email templates, posts on social media, and all client-facing pages. Plus there’s no EarlyParrot logo, so you can be sure that all users will be able to identify your brand’s referral campaigns.

Present customer feedback well

When users are searching for the right products online, they very often look for reviews about them. Therefore, you must ensure that all loyal customers reviews are well presented on your product pages. You shouldn’t be afraid of negative reviews if you do get any, as positive ones will neutralize the tone. Opinion-forming portals like industry forums are also important. A good solution is to combine the power of recommendations from friends and influencers, i.e. affiliate marketing

Imagine a situation when a potential customer is trying to figure out what product to choose from in a given category and from which store to order. The client is looking for information on the Internet and finds a YouTube video about one of the products under consideration. The video is almost enough to convince the customer, but for them it’s still worth asking a friend who can be trusted more than the influencer. The friend also recommends that product and offers a referral link. The only dilemma the customer faces is which link to choose, the affiliate or the referral link. Spoiler alert: the referral would probably be chosen because a relationship with a friend is stronger than that with an influencer. Recommendations from friends are type of social proof, this is one of the advantages of referral marketing over affiliate marketing.

As you can see, synergy effects are crucial not only in sales but also in marketing. Therefore it can be very beneficial to use the power of double recommendations.

Keep testing

When it comes to working with people, remember that there is no such thing as a permanent solution. Preferences change, and so do your target audience or market trends. It’s very easy to track the effectiveness of referral marketing strategy, so it’s definitely advisable to do so. With EarlyParrot you have all of the most important metrics at your fingertips. You can see how many clicks a given link received and whether those clients shared them with the same enthusiasm at all times. You should bear in mind that offering the same referral reward for an extended duration may not prove successful in the long run. Play around with your rewards, perform A / B tests to make comparisons, and ask your clients for feedback via email surveys.

Keep your finger on the pulse and always be willing to check and change. This is the shortest recipe for success, and it basically always works.

Over to you

Referral marketing is often an underestimated solution, since a well-made program will essentially drive itself as happy customers recommend your products or services to each other and the word continually spreads. Even though it is based at customer relationships, great deal of the scope and effectiveness of these activities depends on you. In order for people to want to share positive opinions about your brand, you must have something to offer them and a USP they can talk about. Whether that will be great discounts for customers, a wide range of available products, or incredibly reliable customer service – standing out is your first assignment. 

The next task is to choose the rewards. Few people are willing to do something for free, which is why they are so important. The referral program software is another aspect that is important for your refer a friend program to run smoothly and for staying in touch with clients. The chosen referral marketing software should also allow you to monitor the performance of your program. Speaking of performance, leverage the magic of synergy and put some effort into presenting client’s recommendations or cooperation with influencers well. Doing so can only boost your referral marketing results.

Last but not least, keep your finger on the pulse. You need to stay up to date if you want to be sure that the referral strategy is working. That’s why you should continually track the performance of your programs and make any necessary changes. Only this way will you be able to maximize the full power of referral marketing strategy.

6 tips for boosting conversions

If you are running an online business, one of the most important factors is conversion rate optimization. Conversions are crucial for every digital business, no matter if it operates on the B2C or B2B markets. Analyze the traffic to your  website, who is converting, and who is not. Identify some patterns. This is important knowledge that can help you improve your conversion rate, and so that’s what this article will talk about. You will learn several ways haw to take care of conversion optimization, encourage prospective customers to make purchases, and how to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts. Start taking notes; you’ll learn some handy tricks here!

What is conversion?

In short, conversion is the change of a passive user to an active user. A given user converts if they perform a desired action, i.e. make a purchase, create an account, or subscribe to a newsletter, etc. The average conversion rate is 2.35%. This means that only a little more than 2% of all visitors complete the desired actions of site owners. The conversion rate is calculated as follows: the number of conversions should be divided by the total number of visitors and then multiplied by 100%.

To understand what exactly the conversion rate is, you need to get familiar with a sales funnel. This is a tool that helps you visualize the moment when your customers make purchasing decisions, which is especially helpful if you run an eCommerce store. It captures all customers – from those at the top of the funnel who might be first-time visitors, to those at the bottom who are ready to purchase or even become loyal, regular clients. With knowledge about customers positions in the funnel you’ll be ready to take steps to make an increase in conversions, and thus sale.

Now let’s focus on the conversion rate optimization and how to make it sky-high.

How to boost your conversions?

We have a few conversion rate optimization tips below that you can pick one of or choose to use all of them depending on you and your business needs. Ready?

#1 Implement referral marketing

Customers who visit your web via referrals are 30% more likely to convert and have up to 16 times higher lifetime value.

Sounds promising? Referral marketing is a very simple way to optimize your conversion rate. You can really gain a lot from it with little effort or investment. How does it work? You first need to create a referral program – you’ll need a tool for that, e.g. EarlyParrot, thanks to which you can design your own program in the blink of an eye. Then think about what the rewards will be – whether to offer discounts to customers or rather arrange material rewards. Creating a referral program is very simple and implementing it is even easier, since EarlyParrot will guide you step by step. Once you’ve created a campaign you can invite customers by adding them to your email list and sending the details. You need to describe how the program works, what the types of rewards are, and the criteria for earning them.

Why is referral marketing so effective? Because it is based on relationships with their friends or family that your customers have. It is them who recommend your site and share links with potential customers, who are people they are trusted by. And as you know, recommendations from such people are the most reliable of all.

#2 Highlight customers’ testimonials and opinions

It is very important for your customers to see whether products meet their desires and needs. Nobody wants to be disappointed after using a given product for the first time. If you run an online store, you should present customers’ opinions on every product page – near to each item there should be a review box. It would be ideal if your clients wrote opinions and ranked products, e.g. via a star rating. Customer photos added to reviews would be also a great idea.

If you operate on the B2B market you should make even more use of testimonials from your customers, since more money is involved and nobody wants to lose it. Highlight testimonials on the main page and make sure to show several of them. Remember that each opinion should be signed not only with a name but also the company and position of the reviewer. Speaking about product presentation, you need to keep in mind that even the best customer reviews won’t have much impact if you don’t display the product property. High-quality pictures and perhaps even video content will increase the likelihood of boost in conversion too.

Customers’ opinions and testimonials are social proof. They work similarly to referral marketing, except in this case there are no rewards on offer and the recommendations come from strangers. Yet they can still be powerful.

#3 Give up on any long and distracting actions

Your potential customers must be focused on setting up an account or making a purchase, so let them do so. Don’t bombard them with a million pop-ups on every page or distract with calls to action buttons on every corner.

Remember to not make the client feel trapped on your website or force them to close many pop-up windows, because ultimately they might close the entire browser. And there will be no conversions after they’ve left your site for good.

Now let’s focus on initial actions. The first step that a user takes is very important. Therefore, an action button with the word “subscribe” on it should be clearly visible, as well as icons for adding products to the cart and looking at what’s inside it. As a result, cart abandonment rates will drop. What’s more, the process of setting up an account should not be too complicated. Only ask for basic data plus to set up a login and password at first – don’t overcomplicate the registration form. If you send email verification links to email then make sure they arrive quickly. If you want to personalize messages or an offer and you need additional information, please communicate this and leave parts of the form optional. Don’t force clients to provide too much information at the very beginning, as that will take time they may not have. No worries, they will come back to it when they have a moment or after you remind them to do so by sending an email to that effect.

#4 Drive conversions with email messages

Email marketing is still on point. Marketing emails influence purchasing decisions for almost 60% of respondents. Newsletters, cart abandonment emails, or happy birthday wishes – they all can make a great difference. Such communication should go hand in hand with a good content marketing strategy. What’s more, email marketing won’t change much without good message copy.

It’s crucial for email marketing to be aware of what you write and how it will make your customers feel. Bulk emails are not the best option since people want to feel special, so add a personal touch – even to a notification about a shopping cart abandonment.

Bet on diversity. What you should do is to inform customers about new offers, personalize promotional emails, and perhaps also include content like ebooks related to your industry or company. Communication and how you conduct it is very important not only in terms of the customer’s assessment of your business, but also for making a purchasing decision. And this affects the conversion rate. It’s also important not to overdo email marketing campaigns. Don’t send several or even just one message every day, otherwise your email subscribers will opt out of receiving your communication. Enough is enough, so be polite and reasonable.

#5 Highlight your uniqueness

Staying on the subject of communication, you need to show your customers your USP. Regardless of what it is, you need to emphasize what distinguishes you from the competition. You can also add customer testimonials or reviews as proof. It’s worth reminding regular clients or subscribers why they chose you in the first place. Do so not only via email, on social media, or in SMS messages – show it on your page too!

This is also an important factor for new customers who haven’t given you their contact details yet, which is another reason to emphasize the USP on your website. You can do so in an “About Us” tab or place a banner on the landing page with a short slogan about your USP. It all depends on the design of your website and the industry, plus you should know best what works for your customers.

#6 Be mobile-friendly

Mcommerce is one of the strongest sale trends right now. The majority of us shop via mobiles or at least carry out some research from such devices. Therefore, you should take care of proper mobile website optimization and/or provide a mobile app.

Suppose a client browses your website on their phone and searches for desired products, but the page is not displayed properly, freezes, or even doesn’t load at at all. The customer may not only resign from opening the page on their mobile, but also give up on your store completely. It’s not a risk worth taking, so optimize your website for mobile devices and make mobile payments an option too. 

Another good solution would be an app that encourages users even more to purchase via mobile devices. Customers will generally remain logged into such apps at all times and they won’t have to count on the responsiveness of browsers on their phones. Using an app is quite simply a more convenient option for many users that will certainly help decrease the bounce rate and increase conversions.

Are you ready to increase your conversions?

Driving conversions is a process, so don’t expect results immediately after implementing the above solutions. Depending on your target audience, industry, or business size, the rate at which changes occur may vary – so don’t give up! If you do everything with proper care, you will surely notice the results eventually. If you’re not satisfied with the pace or don’t want to invest in several strategies, you can run A / B tests to see which particular solutions bring major improvements and stick with those. It all depends on your goals and the time frame you set. 

When it comes to achieving your conversion goals, it’s important to focus on your audience, not the numbers. After all, conversions are people. Therefore, think about them before you quickly release another bulk email or approve another pop-up. You are definitely a buyer yourself or at least visit websites, so use these experiences to adjust your website’s behavior or call center software to be as effective as possible for your customers!

#ParrotInspires: 5 referral programs you need to know

Referral marketing works. After all, 78% of B2B advertisers say that this form of marketing provides good-quality leads. So it’s worth the effort, even if there may sometimes be bumps along the road. Many new referral marketing enthusiasts believe that all you need to do is offer an appropriate incentive and everything will work out. That may well be so, but unfortunately, in most cases, it’s not enough.

So what should you do when such a seemingly easy marketing strategy isn’t going your way. Take a look at those who are ruling in this regard – it’s best to learn from the masters. But beware, it’s worth keeping in mind that all customers are different depending on the sector or type of products/services you provide. Thus, not all activities may be perfect for your business. It might be worthwhile analyzing the activities of the big players on the market, yet perhaps not worth copying everything one-to-one.

But let’s start from the beginning, why is referral marketing worth considering?

Why is referral marketing such a game-changer?

The main reason is simple. It doesn’t require much input but it provides great benefits. Compared to other channels, referral marketing leads convert up to 30% better and have a 16% higher lifetime value. So if you are searching for a long term solution that will improve your business performance, you should take a closer look at referrals. Besides, referral marketing is quick to implement and very easy to track. Thanks to links or codes that you can give your clients to share, you can follow all statistics and check what works best for your target audience. You can also play around with the rewards. Some may work well but others less so, hence this is also important knowledge to have when running such programs.

So let’s take a closer look at some of those who are masters of referral programs. 

#1 Dropbox

Dropbox is one of those programs that first comes to mind when someone says “referral marketing”. No wonder, since they are killing it. Dropbox is a file storage and transfer service. It has been offering a referral program for a long time, in which the reward is an additional 500 MB storage for both the referrer and the new client. For Plus and Professional users, that amount is 1 GB. 

What has Dropbox gained thanks to the referral program? It increased their number of new user registrations by as much as 60%. And it wasn’t just a one-off increase; it has been a continuing trend. As a result, Dropbox’s marketing costs could basically be reduced to zero. Instead, they offer clients additional storage space for their files. And as we know, you can never have too much of that. As a result, this offer is subsidized by the company, but keep in mind that the customer does not really gain extra space for free as it appears. They bring a new customer who may invest even in the most expensive versions, you never know. So, as you can see, the company is gaining a lot. It has been running this program for a decade, so it definitely pays off for them.

What can you learn from this case? A reward doesn’t always have to be a discount. You can offer your products, part of your service, or even a subscription (e.g. a week of paid subscription for free). It’s important that both parties feel that they benefit from this interaction and that the choice of offer hits the mark.

#2 Uber

Uber is an application that allows users to reach their destinations quickly and safely. From the moment of setting up, each client has their own personalized code that they can share with friends. Each time such a code is used, both parties receive a free or discounted Uber ride.

Uber was in some ways revolutionary for its time. It was perceived as a kind of upgraded taxi that you didn’t have to catch at the roadside, but would be waiting for you outside to take you to your destination. The advantage of Uber over taxis was not only the application, but also the price in most cities. In order to gain popularity and stand out in the minds of customers, it had to offer something extra. And that’s what Uber’s referral program turned out to be. Who wouldn’t like to take advantage of a free ride? They not only gained new customers, but also managed to complete the business model in just a few months.

What the example of Uber shows is that referrals are not only a way to attract new customers, but also for the business to stand out. Currently, Uber is available in 85 countries and serves 5 billion rides worldwide each month. It could be said that some part of this success (possibly quite a lot) is due to their referral program.

#3 Airbnb

Airbnb is definitely one of the largest portals that every vacationer looking for a place to sleep should visit. It was created by people for people, which means that private property owners make their apartments available to personal travellers who want to spend some time in another location. If a place turns out to be worth recommending, why not suggest it to friends who will be going on vacation? Airbnb has recognized this logic. After all, travel and accommodation are important issues that many of us consult with our friends or family about. 

At the outset, Airbnb simply offered a referral reward without any particular rules. However, after some time they noticed that the recommendations were quite profitable. That’s why an entire program architecture was created, and is now used by millions of its registrants. Therefore, a referral email campaign was created via which users could send invitations to their existing contacts.

Currently, each member of the platform can collect Travel Credits. How? New clients register with a referral link, make a successful booking, and stay. Of course, provided that the referrer is not the host of the place where the booking is made. The maximum Travel Credit is $5,000 per user. Such a program pays off for the platform, because more bookings are made with referral links than without.

What does the example of Airbnb teach? First recommendations should be appreciated. Even if you don’t have a program, clients may still recommend you. Second, the program has to evolve over time. Airbnb started with an email campaign, but now each customer can share a referral link. It’s important to test the implemented solutions to be sure that they work without any problems.

#4 Amazon Prime

Amazon is a giant on the eCommerce market. And for all the possibilities it provides, it doesn’t offer very big rewards. Nevertheless, even such a solution brings benefits. How does the Amazon Prime program work? Prime membership is the natural choice for many Amazon members, which was the retailer’s intention. Any Amazon Prime member can invite their friends to create an account, as long as they don’t already have one or belong to Amazon Student. 

How is the whole procedure completed? The new customer has to click on their referral link, create an account, and then make a purchase within 90 days of doing so. In order for the referrers to receive referral credits, the order can’t be cancelled. Referral credits are automatically assigned to the account and can then be used to pay for orders.

Amazon proves that a referral program is also an ideal solution for eCommerce. If you build a brand for yourself and gain loyal customers, they will recommend you further and you will gain recognition. Who knows, maybe you will be as successful as Amazon one day?

#5 Google

Referral marketing is so popular even Google is investing in it. You’re probably wondering how it works. After all, you wouldn’t invite your friend to use a browser that everyone has access to. The referral program applies to Google Apps for Work, i.e. for business customers. After joining, each customer receives a personalized link that they can share to receive $15  for every account that is created using it, and Google will transfer this money immediately to the referrer.

Google shows that business clients also like to share their opinions and recommendations, and Google uses these habits to expand its audience. Although you may wonder whether a giant like Google needs to build loyalty among customers, as you can see it’s worth taking care of such aspects regardless of the company’s size.

What should you learn from the market leaders?

What are the lessons for the future? We’ll add one: before you start thinking about your program’s details, find the right software that will provide you with a fast and error-free development process. EarlyParrot has got it all

Installation takes 15 minutes, and the platform itself integrates with most providers, such as Shopify, WordPress, and Joomla. The creation of a program is also very intuitive. EarlyParrot guides you step by step and shows you aspects that still need to be completed. It’s a very good tool for both beginners and advanced marketers. If you’re interested in more of its benefits then read about them here

You can also learn a lot from the examples above. First, referral marketing program is a good idea for both online stores and service providers. Regardless of whether you operate in the B2B or B2C market, such a program will work for every type of customer. Second, creating a referral campaign isn’t the end – it’s just the beginning. It has to adapt in order to be a success, otherwise, customers will stop finding the rewards valuable. Remember that competition is growing all the time, so you need to stand out to attract customers and to keep them engaged. 

The last lesson you should learn from this text is that referral marketing allows you not only to expand your customer base, but also to develop your business and push it forward. Perhaps, just like Dropbox, you will save a lot of money on marketing to spend on achieving other strategic goals that you’ve set for yourself. Of course, referrals are all about clients, but remember they are the promise of growth. The more you look after them, the brighter the future will be for you.

Are you encouraged to start your own referral campaign? We have prepared some tips on how to start one. Feel free to be inspired!

Parrot Insider #3: How EarlyParrot helps with list building

Are you running a business, but your customers are not fond of signing up for your newsletter or even creating accounts? It’s hard to communicate with customers that leave no information for you to get in touch with them. And as you surely already know, communication with clients is the essence of a well-functioning business. So forget for a moment about hyped social media and creating content for the masses – let’s go back to good, old e-mails.

What should you do to make visitors to your website more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, create an account, or leave their contact details?

Focus on list building. You probably already have an e-mail list, but you need to expand it and encourage more people to sign up. It’s easier said than done, but it’s a crucial step for success. No worries though, we’ve prepared some guidelines that will help you build a professional e-mail list and encourage new customers to sign up. And we will advise about how to use EarlyParrot for this purpose. 

But let start from the very basics – why is list building worth the effort?

Why should you focus on e-mail list building?

Having a solid e-mail list allows you to expand your brand and stay in touch with your customers. E-mail is a preferred communication channel for 73% of Millennials, which shows that e-mails still have what it takes despite the rise in popularity of social media. So why not use them to your advantage?

Additionally, list building allows you to reach a broad audience. You can acquire customers from the farthest corners of the World and thus expand your brand awareness. Moreover, it gives you a general view of the buyer, bringing you closer to the possibility of personalising the offer and communication towards them. List building also makes it easier to divide your audience into smaller segments.

It goes without saying that e-mails are a longer form of communication, and you can simply include everything you need there. The number of permitted characters are not as limited as in the case of social media platforms or even SMS marketing. You can describe everything in detail and add graphical materials, photos, GIFs, or even short videos to your messages.

A big plus about e-mail marketing is that it can be personalised, whereas it’s hard to directly address each follower on social media. In fact it’s almost impossible. E-mails are a completely different story though, as you can personalise not only for the recipient but also the sender. Yes, it’s nice when you say hello directly using the person’s name, but it’s even better when the sender field also says something more than just company X. It’s a good idea to use names, for example Anne from company X. This makes your communication more human. Keep in mind that bulk e-mails are quite simply not the best solution if you want to bond with your customers. Moreover, personalised emails have a higher open rate (18.8%) than bulk ones (13.1%) – almost a 6% increase. 

The more personalisation, the more friendly and open the relationship will be. Remember that a signature at the end of each e-mail should also include a person’s name in order to complete the mission successfully.

Great news – you can set all of this up with EarlyParrot!

How to make the most of e-mail list building?

The creation of an email list can take many forms depending on the target and industry, though it will be effective regardless of these. Below you will find some examples that might inspire you. Create, test them, and then evaluate the results.

Synergy effect: list building plus referral marketing 

Are you up for referral marketing? Hopefully the answer is “yes”, because It could bring a great synergy effect together with e-mail marketing. If you’re an EarlyParrot member, the effects will be even better. So how can this referral marketing platform help with increasing your brand awareness and gaining new subscribers?

Let’s start from the very beginning, i.e. the registration process. When a new customer signs up, they will receive an invitation e-mail about joining your referral program. This is the best moment to invite them, since a customer will be most convinced about your brand just after signing up and may be curious for more. 

There is also a kind of saving when a new customer registers thanks to a referral link or coupon code, as the cost of new client acquisition in this way is almost imperceptibly low.

You’re probably wondering how creating e-mails looks in EarlyParrot then. Well, it is effortless – you can simply choose which types of e-mails you want to send to your subscribers and which you don’t.

You will draft each of these e-mails yourself – both the topic and the content are up to you. An important tip here is to remember who exactly the recipient is, because the language and the way you address your audience is very important. The content of an e-mail addressed to teenagers should differ from one that will be sent to business people, for example. The subject must be catchy, as the number of e-mails sent per day is huge and so yours must be unique and stand out if the recipient is to open it.

Ask for feedback via surveys

Surveys are a great way to get feedback and encourage your existing customers to become more involved. It’s important to listen to your audience, as doing so will allow you to improve the quality of the content you provide them. 

Suppose a customer hasn’t set up an account but has signed up for your newsletter and made a purchase on your website. By sending this client a feedback survey, you can find out why they chose not to set up an account and decided to only subscribe to the newsletter. Thus, you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your communication, which can be a game changer for e-mail design and list building. Who better to advise you than the recipients?

Remember that with EarlyParrot, you can modify your campaigns at any time, so if your referral communication is not the best then ask your audience for their opinions and make adjustments accordingly.

Let them sign up

The option to sign up must be clearly visible on your website. A user will not search long and hard for a place to sign up – it has to be obvious. Integrating the ability to sign up from your landing page is a key aspect of the success of your list building, so just a friendly reminder that this takes a matter of minutes with EarlyParrot. Think about where you place the Sign Up button. The option to subscribe to your newsletter should also be visible, but not too intrusive. You can choose different layouts for your subscription form. 

One of the most popular types of subscription form is a pop-up that appears when a user first enters your website. But it’s easy to overdo it – pop-ups on each subpage would be too intrusive and the visitor may simply leave as a result. It can be just annoying to have to click close on each subpage.

You can create fixed or floating forms too, which won’t be as annoying for visitors. A fixed one is placed in a specific part of the website and stays there until the client views it or pulls it back. When it comes to floating forms, they may be placed in each part of your site and won’t disappear until the visitor takes action.

Segmentation is important

When you have been runing a business for a long time, you can often forget about the basics. And segmentation is one such fundamental aspect. The division of your target group into smaller segments is important not only in terms of positioning your offer, but also from a marketing perspective. 

Communication should be tailored to the recipient. We have already mentioned the differences between creating content for teenagers and businessmen, and the same rules apply here – when you divide your clients into smaller groups, varied communication with them may be necessary. If your offer undergoes a repositioning over time, your channels may also need to change accordingly. 

Therefore, regardless of what you create right now – an e-mail copy or a pop-up newsletter, say – remember who your recipients are and how to speak to them. 

Social proof as a decision factor 

Social proof has its power, and if you run a referral campaign then you should definitely be aware of it. Nothing convinces customers to make a purchase more than hearing a positive review from another user, especially if they are a friend or family member. Sharing social proof is a good way to gain trust and thus encourage potential clients to leave their e-mail addresses. 

How to present social proof? You can share positive feedback on social media and encourage customers to make their referrals right there. The more people who see them, the better. EarlyParrot allows you to design your own share widget on which you can compose the message that will appear together with a shared referral link as a post on, e.g., Facebook.

It would also be helpful to include a testimonial area on your website. If you are running an online store, customers’ opinions should be placed visibly near the relevant product descriptions. Don’t be afraid of customer feedback. Even if there are negative comments they may be constructive, while positive ones still greatly impact upon a hesitant customer’s final purchasing decision.

Surprise them with a lead magnet

First things first – what are lead magnets? They are additional free materials to encourage users to leave their contact details. What could these materials be? They could be e-books or webinar invitations, for example. If you arrange lead magnet action in return for registering for your newsletter, the details about this must be clearly formulated and highlighted in the communication. After all, it’s supposed to be an incentive for encouraging people to sign up.

A lead magnet is also a good way to get rewarded for joining or inviting someone else to a referral marketing program. Remember that regardless of what purpose you use a lead magnet for, you should emphasise it in your communication. 

Thanks to easy integration with the most popular e-mail marketing providers, EarlyParrot will make this task much easier for you.

Start to build your e-mail list right now

Building an e-mail list is a task that stretches over a period of time. It’s impossible to set a deadline for it because it should be continuous work that relies on new ideas to encourage more customers to become your subscribers.

The right level of communication, frequency, personalisation, and the style in which you establish relationships with your customers has a significant impact on whether or not they will, firstly, read all of your e-mails, and secondly, ultimately use your services.